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[Listen and Download] Brandon Boyd - "Revenge of the Spectral Tiger" & "Runaway Train"

Brandon Boyd's solo album The Wild Trapeze is out today! It's like a brand new Incubus record to hold us all over until they release a brand new album. Check out two of the tracks off the album "Revenge of the Spectral Tiger" and the album's "Runaway Train." Make sure you grab this great album on iTunes today!

Brandon Boyd - Revenge of the Spectral Tiger by Some Kind of Awesome

Brandon Boyd - Runaway Train by Some Kind of Awesome

[Watch] Incubus' Brandon Boyd Drops New Video For Single "Runaway Train" And Releases Solo Album

I'm with the Rock it Out! Blog on this one (who I also thank for this wonderful news.) How in the world did I not know about Incubus' frontman Brandon Boyd's solo album!? Obviously, I'm not a fan of his on Facebook (which I feel stupid for now.) But it appeared to have happened on 6th of June, Brandon announced through his facebook page that he will be releasing a solo album called The Wild Trapeze. The awesome news? The album comes out next week, July 6th.

Boyd recently released a video for his new single, “Runaway Train”, which you can check out above. So yeah? I feel like I fail as an Incubus fan for not knowing this but I am pretty psyched. The only solo track I ever heard from Brandon was on the GAP Favorite Songs Fall 2005 compilation. No, I didn't buy it. I scoured the internet to hear the one song Brandon did titled, "Alison" which is an Elvis Costello. The CD is pretty hard to find so I wont make you suffer. Check out the track below you lucky bastards you.

Make sure you pick up Brandon's new solo album when it drops.

[Download] Brandon Boyd - "Alison" (Elvis Costello Cover)