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[Watch] The Killers - "Boots"

A few weeks ago The Killers announced they were to release a Christmas single called "Boots" which is out today if you want to go grab it?! I don't think we will get much more new material from these guys for a little while with Brandon travelling the world touring his debut solo effort Flamingo, the dates of his tour are over here on his official site. Watch the festive video up top and get into the spirit. I know I am when I woke up to a white blanket of snow in Manchester this morning.

[Watch] Brandon Flowers - "On The Floor" (Unplugged in Tahoe)

Brandon Flowers  played an unplugged version of "On The Floor" during a recent trip to Tahoe. Thanks to Stereogum for this nice little video. It's a pretty cool version of the track and not to kick you while you're stuck at work but the view from your office chair must be looking pretty poor in comparison to the backdrop Brandon is playing against here. I want to go camping in Tahoe! Flamingo is out now so go pick it up if you like what you hear.
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[Watch] Brandon Flowers - "Only The Young"

The new video fro Brandon Flowers 2nd single from his debut solo effort, Flamingo which hit record stores the world over last month. The track itself "Only The Young" is a nice listen and I think the video fits it well. Calming in a way I can't fully describe? The thing that gets me is the ladies falling from the roof with big flowing dresses on resemble Jelly Fish to me. Am I alone on this one or do they actually resemble those spineless sea creatures? Check out the video up top it's pretty cool.
[Watch] Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire" On Jimmy Kimmel

With Flamingo being released earlier this month, Brandon's in full swing for his promotion of this album. With it hitting number 1 in the UK and the album being released yesterday in the States and Canada he could be in for a busy few weeks. On the 21st he's set to appear on Later With Jools Holland in the UK followed by a European tour in October and across the US in November. Chances are a lot of you will be seeing Brandon over the coming months either in concert or on your TV screens, so you better get used to it. Enjoy his performance from Jimmy Kimmel last night, and click here to go grab the album. Thanks to The Audio Perv for the video.
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[Listen and Download] Brandon Flowers - "Was It Something I Said?" x "Crossfire" (Acoustic)

Australian radio station, Triple J, premiered a brand new track from The Killers' frontman, Brandon Flowers' solo album Flamingo. Take a listen to the latest leak "Was It Something I Said" from the album below.

We also have a nice little bonus for you, Flowers recently performed an acoustic version of his single “Crossfire” for Mix 94.1 Underground Lounge. Check it out below and view the video at Mix 94.1's site. Flamingo drops next Tuesday, preorder it here (iTunes).

Brandon Flowers - "Was It Something I Said" (Radio Rip) by Some Kind of Awesome

Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire" (Acoustic) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Watch and Listen] Brandon Flowers - "Playing With Fire" (Live) & 5 More Song Snippets From Flamingo

Check out Brandon Flowers performing a new song 'Playing With Fire' from his upcoming solo album, Flamingo, above. But thats not all, Spin has hooked us up with the first listen of 5 other tracks off the album. Check out the 45 second samples for the tracks, "Swallow It", "Magdalena", "Was It Something I Said", "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" and "On The Floor". Some may remember hearing the acoustic version of "On The Floor" titled "On The Floor 2.0" in our previous post along side the other new Flowers track, "Only The Young". If you haven't heard those tunes yet, you can check them out here. Head over to Flowers' website and preorder the album now.

Brandon Flowers - Flamingo (Snippets) by Some Kind of Awesome