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[Listen] British Sea Power - "A Light Above Descending"

I remember being a teen and heading out to festivals for the first time. A big group of school friends would venture out into the fields of some, at the time, unknown world of musical discovery. Hoping to talk someone into buying our baby-faced group a pint  that we'd inevitably share and gain no solace from. At one of my first in '05 maybe, I remember a friend pestering me to leave the comfort of the grass in front of the main stage to venture into the Carling stage, I think it was. A small stage, who funnily enough I'd later watch Arctic Monkeys play later in the weekend before they launched into the stratosphere of fame just months later.

Back to the story at hand. My friend had pestered me to watch British Sea Power, a UK band based in Brighton, and for the most part I enjoyed the set. Fast forward 7 years and my musical tastes have matured a little even if my face hasn't! It came as a surprise when that same friend hit me up yesterday with a link to their new EP titled BSP EP1. After hitting the link I was pleased to find it was part of a 6 EP project they've launched to coincide with their club night in Brighton. You can grab a copy over here, but firstly why not hit play on the track below titled "A Light Above Descending". All of a sudden I've been cast back in time to a simpler place. If only I was 15 again...

[Watch] British Sea Power - "Who's In Control" Live 'For No One'

Courtesy of Cluster1 take a look at the Brighton boys British Sea Power rocking their awesome track "Who's In Control" as part of filmmaker Daniel Ryan‘s musical come film series, For No One. This series basically gets artist to come and rock out at full frontal levels for absolutely no-one. I've always thought it must be hard for bands to do these kinds of things with no audience or crowd to vibe of but the UK boys seem to do pretty damn well. Check it out for yourselves above.

The track features on the bands latest album Valhalla Dancehall which you can grab a copy of over here.

[Watch] British Sea Power - "Who's In Control" Live on Letterman

The Brighton boys hit the bright lights of David Letterman's late night tv slot yesterday to perform the lead track from their latest album Valhalla Dancehall. The track goes by the name of "Who's In Control" and courtesy of the awesome Audio Perv you can enjoy their performance up at the top. If you want to pick up a copy of the Brit bands album then just head on over in this direction. Happy Tuesday.