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[Listen] Electric Guest - "Jenny" x Daytrotter Session

The end of April/beginning of may is going to be a wonderful time for fans of super producer Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton with the upcoming release of Norah Jones' Little Broken Hearts on May 1st and the debut album Mondo by Electric Guest dropping April 24th, both produced by Burton. Fans of Danger Mouse's work, especially his band Broken Bells formed alongside The Shins' James Mercer, will love the Los Angeles duo Electric Guest (Asa Taccone, Matthew Compton) and their recently released self titled EP.

The EP features the band's standout singles from their upcoming debut album Mondo ("This Head I Hold", "Troubleman" and "American Daydream") and also features a new track titled "Jenny" which you can stream below. The EP is available to pick up now iTunes. If you haven't got enough of the Electric Guest goodness, head over to to listen/download the group's live session which features 3 new songs "Amber", the KCRW loved track "The Bait" and "Holes" from the upcoming album as well as a live version of "This Head I Hold". Now sit back and enjoy some good music and pick this up when it drops next month.


[Watch] New Song From The Shins!

Our buddy over at Twentyfourbit came across this delightful gem. Last month at a benefit for Portland, OR's Puddletown School, James Mercer along with Modest Mouse's Joe Plummer on drums played a new Shins track during their encore. Just before the song, Mercer told the audience,“We’re working on a new record and this is one of the songs that should be on there.”

Sounds pretty catchy! I'm all for it! Wonder what else they have up their sleeves? Guess we'll have to wait and find out!

Check out the video above for the performance, or you can just listen to the audio below, courtesy of 24B.

New Shins Song (James Mercer w/Joe Plummer, Live) by

[Listen] Broken Bells - "Heartless Empire"

Another song from the upcoming Broken Bells EP Meyrin Fields has surfaced! I am starting to understand why these four songs weren't included on the full album. They really don't fit the vibe of the album at all, but not in a bad way. "Heartless Empire" is a bit more chipper and a little rough around the edges than what we've heard in the past. 

Now that we're halfway into what's on the EP, what say you about this direction? I'm rather enjoying this slightly different direction. I don't think I prefer it more than what's on the album, but I'm still feeling it nonetheless. 

 March 29th is coming up fast! Make sure you pre-order the EP if you haven't already. 

[Listen] Broken Bells - "Windows"

A little while ago, NPR debuted the new Broken Bells song "Windows". According to NPR, the songs were recorded while James Mercer and Danger Mouse were recording Broken Bells but these four songs just didn't feel like the other songs that made the album. They sure weren't kidding about that! "Windows" is still pretty chill a la Broken Bells but has a rugged feel to it. 

Check it out for yourselves!

So? What do we think? 

Broken Bells Are Back With A New EP

Let the universe rejoice! The power duo that is Broken Bells are releasing more music! What's better: it comes out at the end of the month! Meyrin Fields, the upcoming EP from James Mercer and Danger Mouse will drop on March 29th, 2011 and features four previously unreleased tracks. The first single will be revealed on March 7th and you can pre-order the EP on vinyl, CD and mp3 over on their site. 

Celebrate Valentine's Day The SKOA Way! Enjoy These 14 Valentines From Your Favorite Artists

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Since we know the average SKOA reader isn't necessarily into Hallmark cards, we decided to make our own just for you! Some of these were reader inspired, so if you suggested a Valentine idea make sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you think! We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed making them for you! We've provided links so you can share these and they're also available on our Facebook page

Check out the Valentines after the jump! 


[Download] Cee-Lo "The Ol' Sauseej (Broken Bells "The Ghost Inside" Parody)"

Oh Cee-Lo, I'm so glad that you have an odd sense of humor and that you are so tight with Danger Mouse, because it makes this parody of "The Ghost Inside" that much more amusing. Cee-Lo's version, "The Ol' Sauseej" is about, well, sausages. It starts of sounding like he's hungry and then you get the feeling that maybe talking about food made him a bit horny, as sausage takes on a different meaning in the second half of the song. Either way, we had a good laugh at it. If you like what you hear below you can download it over here

Cee-Lo - "The Ol' Sauseej" (Broken Bells "The Ghost Inside" Parody) by Some Kind of Awesome