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[Download] MHz Legacy - "Satisfied" Feat. Slug (of Atmosphere) (Prod. By Rjd2)

Back in the day before Rjd2 was "THE RJD2" that we know and love now he was DJ of the Columbus, Ohio rap collective MHz which was fomed by Copywrite, Jakki Da Motamouth, Tage (Proto) Future, RJ and the late great Camu Tao. The group's first and only album Table Scraps is one of my favorite hip hop albums which introduced me to Copywrite and Camu, as well as some of the first RJD2 productions. Now the collective have reformed under the name MHz Legacy in honor of their fallen brother Camu and are set to release their new self-titled album on October 30th, MHz Legacy, which marks the group's first album in a decade.

The new LP features 17 new cuts from the MHz crew with RJD2 producing 6 new cuts and also features guest appearances from some of hip hop's best past and present like Danny Brown, Blu, Slug (of Atmosphere), ILL BILL, Slaine, Icebird's Aaron Livingston and Oh No, as well as a number of never-before-heard verses from the late Camu Tao. With new Camu verses and new RJ tracks alone, I know this album is going to have my money thrown at it. If that doesn't convince you to do the same take a listen to this album cut titled "Satisfied" featuring Slug of Atmosphere and is produced by RJD2. 

MHz Legacy's self titled drops next week 10/30/12 via Copywrite's own Man Bites Dog label. Peep the tracklist below and pick this up when it drops.

1. Accidentally On Purpose (Prod. By Rob Stern) 
2. Hindsight (1998) Ft. Playdough (Prod. By RJD2) 
3. Four Player Mode (Prod. By RJD2) 
4. Out Of Room (Prod. By RJD2) 
5. Spaceship Ft. Danny Brown (Prod. By Harry Fraud) 
6. Soul Train (Of Thought) Ft. Oh No The Disrupt (Of Gangrene) (Prod. By !llmind) 
7. Addictionary Ft. ILL BILL & Slaine (Of La Coka Nostra) (Prod. By Stu Bangas) 
8. Gone! (Prod. By Surock) 
9. Obituaries (Prod. By Marco Polo) 
10. Columbus Diss Patch Ft. Dom (Prod. By J Rawls) 
11. Mass Temple Ft. Steve From Middle Distance Runner (Prod. By Jason Rose) 
12. Y'all Don't Know (Prod. By D1) 
13. Yellow & Blue Ft. Blu (Prod. By Surock) 
14. Satisfaction Ft. Slug (Of Atmosphere) (Prod. By RJD2) 
15. Tero Smith Ft. Aaron Livingston (Of Icebird) (Prod. By RJD2) 
16. Somewhere (2099) (Prod. By RJD2) 
17. Mechanical Me (Prod. By Jason Rose)

[Download] El-P - "The Full Retard"

It's been about 4-5 years since El-P's last solo album I'll Sleep When You're Dead right? Good. For some of you that don't follow the Company Flow emcee/producer, that means he's right on schedule for a new hip hop record. El makes his return to rap scene with his 3rd LP Cancer for Cure which is set to drop May 22nd via Fat Possum, a week after his fully produced collaboration album, R.A.P. Music with Outkast buddy, Killer Mike. The new album features artists such as  Danny BrownInterpol's Paul BanksMr. Muthafuckin' eXquire and Mike Bigga himself.

Peep the first single from C4C "The Full Retard" which brings back the awesome production and rhymes that we've grown to love from El-P. So do like the Camu Tao (RIP) sample says, "pump this shit like they do in the future."

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[Download] Camu Tao - "Be A Big Girl"

Sound of the City has released another exclusive cut from the late great Camu Tao's album King of Hearts titled "Be A Big Girl" which borrows some of Elvis Costello's "Big Boys." I've gotten the chance to listen this album for 2 or so weeks and its very bittersweet. Don't get me wrong, it is a fuckin fantastic album! Its just sad that an awesome artist like Mu never got to finish the album nor make anymore records after losing his battle with cancer back in 08.

Sound of the City also has a great interview with Def Jux label head and good friend of Camu, El-P about the upcoming record. Check that out here and preorder your copy of King of Hearts here.

Camu Tao - "Be A Big Girl" by Some Kind of Awesome

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[Download] Central Servies (El-P & Camu Tao) - Forever Frozen In Television Time & Camu Tao King of Hearts Preorder

Today Definitive Jux have announced the preorder for the long awaited release of the late great Camu Tao's album King of Hearts. But thats not all, along with the announcement Def Jux and El-P have released the long thought shelved project by El and Camu's group Central Services. Check out and download the awesome EP Forever Frozen In Television time below.

We are very proud to announce the preorders for Camu Tao's King of Hearts. We've assembled a few different tiers of packages that include the album, t-shirt, and limited edtion print (limited to first 50 orders!). You can also download the 2005 Central Services project for free on the preorder page. For those of you interested in donating to the Lung Association, we've also set up a few packages with the ability to do so. We are very excited for fans to hear this brilliant album from a brilliant artist who left this world all too soon.

Central Services - Forever Frozen In Television Time by Some Kind of Awesome

[Download] Central Servies (El-P & Camu Tao) - "What God Should Do"

Yes, El drops another fresh joint off the unreleased Central Services album FOREVER FROZEN IN TELEVISION TIME. The album was recorded in early 2005 and was unforunately never released. However, the EP will be given away for free in conjunction with the release of the late great Camu Tao's album KING OF HEARTS which drops on august 3rd via DEF JUX/FAT POSSUM. 

For more tracks from the CS album and Camu's album check the player below.

<a href="">WHAT GOD SHOULD DO by EL-P</a>

[Download] Camu Tao - "Perfect Plan"

Check out the first leak (aside from "When You're Going Down") from the late great Camu Tao's album King of Hearts titled "Perfect Plan." Check out the announcement from Camu's good friend El-P and check what Kid Cudi had to say about Camu's work:

“These songs are so before their time it’s ridiculous. The melodies and harmonies are very clever, the lyrics are quick witted and his vocal arrangements are genius. People need to hear this shit and know this man’s story. Camu was a great future Ohio talent who I’m sure would have made a huge mark in this mediocre industry.” – Kid Cudi

Camu's King of Hearts drops on August 17th via Definitive Jux.

[Download] Camu Tao - Perfect Plan

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El-P Announces Upcoming Camu Tao Album Release

Two years ago today  Tero "Camu Tao" Smith died after a grueling battle with cancer.  He was a friend, a son, a brother, a groom to be and last but not least a brilliant producer, singer, rapper and entertainer.  Words can not express the heartache that has been felt in the wake of his passing by those who loved and respected him. 

For two years i have written about Camu on this day.  Not a day has gone by that we, his family, friends and fans, haven't thought about him.  About who he was, what he did and what he never got the chance to do.  About the talent he never got to truly share with the world and the love he did.  For over four years i have hoped to make the following bittersweet announcement:

This summer, on August 17th, Camu Tao's first and final solo album KING OF HEARTS will be released by Definitive Jux in collaboration with Fat Possum Records.  In conjunction with this release we will also be giving away (for free) the 2005 Central Services (Camu Tao and EL-P) ep "Forever Frozen In Television Time".

In many ways KING OF HEARTS is a record of what could have been, a snapshot of an artist mid-evolution.  In some ways its a diary discovered in the belongings of a friend who passed away. Or maybe it's a scrap book of a master inventor with only half of the schematics of some incredible new invention detailed inside. You don't need to see the invention fully realized in order to recognize the magnitude of the creative force behind the sketches.

For those of you who know, i don't feel like I have to explain to you how important the release of KING OF HEARTS is.  He was, as i've said before, the secret none of us wanted to keep.  He is a legend.

For the many of you out there unfamiliar with Camu and his work:  we've written a bio/press release as well as collected some of his music as well as a world premier off of KOH called "Perfect Plan" which I'm putting below.  I only ask that you take a little bit of time out of your day to investigate.  Don't let yourself be closed off to this mans music simply because you haven't heard of it/him before.  Getting his amazing, weird, raw and original music heard is all he ever wanted.  We only ask that you give him that chance.  I believe you'll be happy you finally discovered the world of the King Of Hearts.  I know for the many of us who loved and respected him that knowing Camu and his music changed us forever.  

What we hope happens when you hear King Of Hearts is that you feel the way we feel; This music (even in its raw form) is some of the bravest, most surprising, inspired, and (now more so than ever) poignant material around from an artist who was only beginning to tap into his potential. It's a raw reminder for his fans, friends, and family of how special and off the wall his energy was, and yet it sounds nothing like anything he's ever done before or has previously been known for.  In fact, I don't think its over the top to say that what Camu was doing sounds like nothing before it because I know for a fact that there was never anyone like Camu before him. 

There won't ever be another after, either.  

Rest In Peace, Tero "Camu Tao" Smith 


Jaime "EL-P" Meline

For more info on the release and Camu Tao check out the official Definitive Jux website.

[Stream] Chauncey of Cardboard City Presents: What The Fuck Do You Know About F Sean Martin? (Mixtape)

What you know about Cardboard City? What you know about XO Skeletons? What you know about House of Blow? If you said nothin, you need to get familiar with CCWM (Cardboard City x Weathermen). Starting off with one of their prime members Chauncey and F Sean Martin (Ex-Hatebreed and producer of the latest Cage album Depart From Me.) I've been meaning to do a post to get you familiar with both House of Blow and XO Skeletons but haven't yet until today when CC DJ/Producer Chauncey posted a mix to get people familiar with F Sean. For one if you haven't heard of XO Skeletons, you need to check them out, same with House of Blow (Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw/Head Automatica and F Sean), as well as the entire CCWM crew. So check out the latest mix featuring a shit load of unreleased material and go check out their music out. 

Hopefully we'll get to hear some new HoB and XO stuff coming soon.


1. Intro 
2. House of Blow: "Champion Hour" 
3. XO Skeletons: "Lascivious Facts" Ft. Cage 
4. The Profiler: "Dance Tonight" 
5. Cage: "Captain Bumout" [FSTLANE Remix] 
6. Aesop Rock: "Mars Attacks" [F. Sean Martin Crunk Set Remix] 
7. LKRZ: "Raw Facts" (We Got That Crack) 
8. Gucci Man Vs. F Sean Martin: "I'm the Shit" [Chauncey Remix] 
9. Yak Ballz: "Halogen Glow" 
10. M.O.P. Vs. House of Blow: "Ante Up" [Chauncey Remix] 
11. F Sean Martin: "Funeral for a Cowboy"