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[Watch] Captain Murphy - "The Killing Joke" (Official Video)

In his new video for "The Killing Joke", Captain Murphy/Flying Lotus reverts back to his enigmatic beginnings, to a time when his identity was entirely speculation. Immersed in a dark, creepy atmosphere and tone, the video focuses on a white-eyed hooded figure interspersed with random footage. Check out the perfectly fitting clip above, and if you've yet to hear Murphy's debut mixtape DUALITY you can stream it here.

[Watch] Captain Murphy and Earl Sweatshirt Perform "Between Friends" Live

Last week, we dropped the not-so-shocking news that Captain Murphy was indeed Flying Lotus, and now some footage from his debut Los Angeles concert has surfaced. The footage captured highlights an surprise appearance from Earl Sweatshirt, who performed the song "Between Friends" alongside the Captain. The second clip captures the moment where Captain Murphy removes his mask to reveal his true identity. Check out the two clips above and below.

As well, if you've yet to grab a free copy of Captain Murphy's Duality mixtape, you can download the deluxe edition here.

[News] And Captain Murphy Is... None Other than Flying Lotus

After much speculation, the true identity of the enigmatic Captain Murphy has finally been revealed. Making his debut performance in Los Angeles last night, it was none other than Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, who took to the stage donning a flashy golden cape and hood (pictured above). As if the already talented FlyLo couldn't impress us any more than he has thus far in his career. Shortly after the reveal, he took to Twitter to laugh in the faces of deniers:

To go along with the unveiling, how about a free download of the deluxe edition of Captain Murphy's Duality mixtape? Complete with separated tracks, instrumentals, unique artwork for each song, and a bonus track titled "Innocence 2", there's no better way to use up your precious bandwidth. Grab it below.

[Listen] Stream Captain Murphy's 'Duality' Mixtape

Captain Murphy. Is he Flying Lotus? Tyler, The Creator? No one knows exactly who Captain Murphy is, but at this point does it really matter? Ever since appearing on FlyLo's track "Between Friends" in the summer, Captain Murphy has been delivering solid verses under an enigmatic guise. The guise persists, but the verses continue to get better, and now we can enjoy a full mixtape from the mysterious rapper. Head here to stream the 35-minute Duality mixtape alongside some psychedelic vintage clips.

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[Listen] Captain Murphy - "The Killing Joke"

Captain Murphy remains as enigmatic as ever, but in that mystery lies the appeal of the anonymous rapper. Speculations continue that it could be Flying Lotus, or maybe it is Tyler, The Creator, and this song definitely capitalizes on it. Sampling quotes from Sir Michael Caine's Alfred Pennyworth, Captain Murphy embraces and applies the idea of Batman as an image rather than a single person. Whoever Captain Murphy may be, we might as well enjoy the chilling instrumentals and verses delivered in "The Killing Joke". Stream it below.

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[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: July 2012

The heat is ON! Many parts of the US are reaching record breaking temperatures resulting in all sorts of things melting that shouldn't (and obvs many that should). From the sounds of Some Kind of Mixtape: July we were all on the same page and provided you all with some tracks that are perfect for laying around to while beads of sweat collect on your forehead. So sit back, relax, and press play on this month's mix. As always, you can learn more about each track below. Make sure you add us on 8tracks and if you have mixtaps you think we should check out, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!

Stay cool (literally)!

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Some Kind Of Mixtape - July from skoablog on 8tracks.

Divine Fits - "Would That Not Be Nice"
Sometimes I feel bad for side projects featuring musicians from multiple different bands because you KNOW that everyone is going to be analyzing every last note to see who has the most influence. Such is the case with indie super(?) group Divine Fits - which consists of Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks). Admittedly, I fell for "Would That Not Be Nice" for it's obvious Spoon-esque sounds, but I've found the other tracks from the upcoming album titled A Thing Called Divine Fits to tickle my fancy in non-Spoon-loving ways as well. Make sure you pick up the "My Love Is Real" vinyl which dropped this past week and be on the lookout for the full length coming up on August 28th.  - kibbe

Tame Impala - "Apocalypse Dreams"

I've said it multiple times. Tame Impala rules all. These Aussie psych rockers amazed me with their 2010 debut album Innerspeaker. Now the boys are back to do it again with their sophomore effort, Lonerism. The first single "Apocalypse Dreams" continues right where Innerspeaker left off with it's spacey/dreamy landscape of amazing. With their take on the classic psychedelic rock sound, I don't see Tame Impala going away anytime soon.—Rocko

Carnivals - "Departners"

The atmospheric style of Sheffield producer Carnivals has had me completely addicted since hearing his debut Mavi Kara EP last year, and his latest cut has heightened my addiction to whole new levels. "Departners", the first offering from the soon-to-be-released Humility EP, sees the artist embracing the sounds and influences of India, medling them beautifully into his ambient, sprawling soundscapes. This is the kind of music you can put on late at night and fully lose yourself in, the type of song that treads the line between dreams and reality.—Adrian

Bat for Lashes - "Laura"

Taken from her third album, Haunted Man, Natasha Khan aka Bat for Lashes seems to return to form in her new single "Laura". Cast your mind back to 2009 and I must say I wasn't a great fan of Two Suns and her single "Daniel" (what's with all the first names for song titles?) but with this new single she seems revived. A stripped back sound and the results are stunning and certainly something to be excited about in the coming months. Of the sound she's gone for with the new album she says "I really wanted to strip things back in honour of women like Patti Smith." Can we argue with that? The album is set for release on October 15th but I'm sure we'll see more of it before then.—Shey

Dirty Projectors - "Gun Has No Trigger"

Swing Lo Magellan is on the shortlist for my top albums of the year, and rightly so. Each song the Dirty Projectors delivered on their sixth full-length is perfection, but "Gun Has No Trigger" stood out above the rest. As a whole, the song evokes a strange mood, entering a near-Radiohead level of weird, and it's so damn addicting. The atmospheric instrumentation is fantastic, but it is Dave Longstreth's vocals that stand out. The way he bends his voice, contorting it in amazing ways and hitting the oddest of notes, is what makes this song. It's just so good. I. Can't. Stop. Listening.—Adrian

Two Door Cinema Club - "Sleep Alone"

As Olympic fever sweeps not just the nation but the entire world, it's easy to forget that Two Door Cinema Club have to-date only released one album yet last Friday during the opening ceremony of London 2012, lead Alex Trimble performed alongside rocks biggest names. Pretty big for a band that have not long had their training wheels off. Lead single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Beacon, sees the band doing what they do best. "Sleep Alone" features soaring melodies intricately woven around exquisitely placed guitar hooks resulting in a single you want to play again and again. The single drops on September 3rd, the same day as the album.—Shey

Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Windshield Smasher"
For me, what's always been so nice about Black Moth Super Rainbow has been the music's ability to seemingly float around in my head and get into all of the creative nooks and crannies that I sometime forget exists. "Windshield Smasher" from their upcoming album Cobra Juicy speaks well to that same feeling. For more feel-goodness make sure you take part in their Kickstarter to fund the upcoming album, which is slated for an October 9th release. Even though the kickstarter project is already completely funded, it's hard not to pass up the sweet deals that come with each tier in the funding process. - kibbe

Frank Ocean - "Forrest Gump"

With all the hype surrounding Frank Ocean it's easy to get lost in the sea of Orange he's managed to thrust upon the world. That performance on Jimmy Fallon and the surprise release of his album certainly added fuel to the fire but once you hit play you're left reeling of a man haunted by his own past and one that's wise beyond his years. A stand out from the release for me was "Forrest Gump" being as it's a little different, it's playful in its lyrics and it puts a smile on my face when I hear it. Music that evokes emotion is always going to be a winner.—Shey

Flea - "Pedestal of Infamy"

This. This is just amazing. I knew Flea was a great musician but I had no idea he could create something as beautiful as this track from his recently released EP Helen Burns. If the Chili Peppers were to break up and we'd get continuous album's from John Frusciante and Flea, i'd be completely okay with that. If you disagree, just listen to the awesomeness of this track. It's completely mind-blowing.—Rocko

Flying Lotus feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy - "Between Friends"

Adult Swim's Singles Program has delivered some definite gems so far, but Flying Lotus' collaborative track with Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy is easily the top contender. FlyLo never ceases to amaze us with his mesmerizing experimental style of instrumentals, and the added spitfire delivery of Earl Sweatshirt blends seamlessly into that. It's the addition of the anonymous emcee Captain Murphy that makes this track so interesting, though, as he comes across as a more intelligent Tyler, The Creator with a smoother lyrical flow. Who is Captain Murphy? Who the fuck cares, because when Flying Lotus' captivating instrumentals, Earl Sweatshirt's smooth flow, and Captain Murphy's intelligent charisma combine, it makes for an amazing listen.—Adrian

John Frusciante - "In Your Eyes"

I wish I could just limit this blurb to "It's John Fuckin Frusciante. Nuff Said." He's the reason most people got into the Red Hot Chili Peppers and is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and now he's back for the first time since his departure from the Chili Peppers with a new solo EP titled Letur-Lefr. Frusciante is a master of melodics from his production down to his harmonic vocals and his masterful licks. Although he's no longer part of RHCP it's great to see him back in the driver seat creating beautiful artistry. /fanboy—Rocko 

Snowden - "The Beat Comes"
It's been six long years since Austin-based band Snowden dropped their debut full length Anti-Anti and I fell for their catchy post-punk sound with songs like "Black Eyes", "Counterfeit Rules", and "Like Bullets". I had seen bits and pieces over the past few years that frontman Jordan Jeffares had left his hometown of Atlanta, GA and spent some time in New York City before settling down in Austin, TX, but I hadn't heard anything about new music in the near future until a few month ago. To my delight this past month I finally got to lay my ears on the first single from the upcoming sophomore album, No One In Control. "The Beat Comes" is a great avenue for Snowden to travel down since last we heard from the band with it's dark but inspiring undertones. It could have been because my first listen was by way of its outstanding video directed by John Merizdale when it premiered on Stereogum last week, but I still love it either way. No One In Control is slated for a fall 2012 release on Kings of Leon's label Serpents and Snakes. - kibbe

[Listen] Captain Murphy - "The Ritual" & "Mighty Morphin Foreskin"

Ever since Flying Lotus dropped his track "Between Friends", which featured Earl Sweatshirt and someone named Captain Murphy, everyone has been asking one question: Who is Captain Murphy? After featuring on that song, the anonymous emcee has since released two solo tracks, the first being "Mighty Morphin Foreskin" and the second being "The Ritual". People have speculated that it could be Tyler, The Creator, but the lyrical prowess displayed in these tracks is more than Tyler has ever been able to pull off. Whoever Captain Murphy, he's garenering a lot of attention from around the blogosphere. Stream both cuts above and below.

[Listen] Flying Lotus feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy - "Between Friends"

Earl Sweatshirt has been on a terror since his return, featuring on Frank Ocean's Channel Orange highlight "Super Rich Kids" and other fellow Odd Future member Domo Genesis' No Idols powerhouse "Elimination Chamber". Earl has expanded outside of his OFWGKTA circle, though, diving into the genre-bending mind of Flying Lotus. Courtesy of Adult Swim's Singles Program, we not only get our first taste of FlyLo's upcoming LP Until The Quiet Comes, but the oh-so-perfect combination of his fantastic instrumentals and Earl's lyrical genius. Oh yeah, someone named Captain Murphy joins in too. Stream "Between Friends" below, and grab it for free at Adult Swim's website.

Flying Lotus' Until The Quiet Comes is out on October 2nd via Warp.