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[Watch] Childish Gambino - "Telegraph Ave" (Official Video)

Childish Gambino has been progressing over the years into his own man. A man that does what he wants, when he wants. His latest release was no different. He just dropped a free mixtape titled STN MTN and then quickly followed it up a day later with an EP, Kauai, which you can grab on iTunes. When paired together, the 2 releases create an 18 track journey into Glover's mind, with varying degrees of styles and pace. It's quite simply a wonderful ride that is over just as quickly as it begun. Repeat worthy.

However, not stopping at creating a great double release in the past week he's now released a clip for his Because The Internet featuring "Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd)". The clip features Gambino heading out on a road trip to what looks like paradise (it's actually the island of Kauai!) with R&B singer Jhené Aiko. They're having an idyllic time with a beautiful backdrop, but things are not quite what they seem as things take a rather dark, and Halloween worthy turn. Not one to deliver a bad video, you'll have to check out the clip above to see how things turn out.

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[Download] Childish Gambino - "Centipede"

How about some new music from Childish Gambino to start off your Hump Day? Mr. Glover offers up an impressive 6 minute track titled "Centipede" which features a flurry of his many talents, bar his acting of course. Maybe we'll get some of that in the form of a video at some point? For now though, treat your ears and mind to his lyrical ways below. 

[Watch] Childish Gambino - "L.E.S." (Video)

Chidlish Gambino pairs his slick, violin-saturated track "L.E.S." with a visual montage of late-night adventures throughout New York City. While not featuring Gambino himself, the video visits many familiar (or unfamiliar) locales across the city's Lower East Side. While not particularly outstanding the visuals suit the Camp cut pretty well, making for a fun five minutes. Catch the replay above.

[Watch] Childish Gambino - "Fire Fly" (Official Video)

After all the hype surrounding his Royalty mixtape, some might have forgotten about Childish Gambino's fantastic debut studio album Camp, which was released last November. Gambino hasn't forgotten, though, and his new video for the song "Fire Fly" might not be what you expect. Imagine if the movie Another Earth was fused together with Breaking Bad, and you'd have the basic plot to this video down pat. It sees a young guy talented in the ways of chemistry cooking up a batch of a highly potent drug, attempting to sell it in order to escape to a blood-red colored planet called Fire Fly, which sits closely to Earth. Check it out above.

[Listen] Childish Gambino feat. Prodigy - "Body"

Even though he dropped his brand new mixtape Royalty just four days ago, Childish Gambino is back with even more new music for you to immerse yourself in. "Body" is an unreleased track that didn't make the cut for the mixtape, but by no means does it mean it isn't impressive in its quality. The slow-moving cut features a sample from Portishead's "Elysium" as well as verses from Mobb Deep's Prodigy, making this a song worth listening to. I would go ahead and call this a bonus track for Royalty.

(via 2dopeboyz).

[Download] Childish Gambino - 'Royalty' Mixtape
The wait is over. After months of teasing fans with track after track, Childish Gambino has offered up a brand new mixtape titled Royalty. It contains some previously heard joints and guest spots from the likes of RZA, ScHoolboy Q, Beck, Bun B, Danny Brown and Ghostface Killah. Check out the tracklist below and go treat yourself to a humpday download here. Happy 4th of July!
Royalty Tracklist:
01. Royalty
02. We Ain’t Them (prod. Ludwig and Childish Gambino)
03. One Up (feat. Steve G Lover)
04. Black Faces (feat. Nipsey Hussle) (prod. Boy-Ida)
05. Unnecessary (feat. ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul)
06. Shoulda Known
07. R.I.P (feat. Bun B)
08. American Royalty (feat. RZA and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
09. It May Be Glamour Life (feat. Ghostface Killah) (prod. Myke Murda)
10. Toxic (feat. Danny Brown) (prod. SKYWLKR)
11. Silk Pillow (feat. Beck) (prod. Beck and Childish Gambino)
12. They Don’t Like Me (feat. Chance the Rapper) (prod. SKYWLKR)
13. Arrangement (feat. Conage)
14. Won’t Stop (feat. Danielle Haim of Haim) (prod. Ludwig and Childish Gambino)
15. Bronchitis (prod. Beck)
16. Wonderful (feat. Josh Osho) (prod. Boy-Ida)
17. Make It Go Right (feat. Kilo Kish)
18. Real Estate (feat. Alley Boy, Swank, and Tina Fey)
[Listen] Childish Gambino - "One Up"

While speaking to Sway on New York radio program Sway in the Morning today, Childish Gambino revealed that his forthcoming mixtape, which he announced yesterday will be released on July 4th, will be titled Royalty. Gambino went even further to give Sway another exclusive in the form of a brand new track titled "One Up," which will be included on the mixtape along with collaborations featuring  BeckNipsey Hussle,HeemsScHoolboy Q, as well as his solo tracks "We Ain't Them" and "Shoulda Known." Stream the radio cut below.