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[Listen] Coast Modern - "Animals"

I'm still trying to figure out Coast Modern. Their debut single, "Hollow Life" charted super well on Hype Machine (and rightfully so because the song is fire). Their latest tune, "Animals" is equally a banger. I don't know much more about this fresh faced LA duo other than the facts I just presented. Oh and they're going on tour with BORNS soon and conveniently going to be at SXSW playing a ton of shows including a set at the Hype Machine Hype Hotel and Perez Hilton's party.

It doesn't look like they've been around terribly long. They appeared to just have materialized out of nowhere complete with some kind of brain melting management team that set them for success in a big way. I suppose I get skeptical because I've seen this kind of setup so many times where I fall in love with a baby buzzworthy band and they either blow up or burn out really fast without warning. Harnessing hype properly where you gradually gain traction as a means to not be dismissed as the flavor of the week is tricky these days. I hope for their sake that by the time they make it here in June for their first ever headlining show (at Rough Trade nonetheless) that I'll have more to report.