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[Listen] Cold War Kids - 'Dear Miss Lonelyhearts' (Full Album Stream)

Cold War Kids are preparing their fourth studio album, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, for release on the 2nd of April via Downtown Records. As is the custom these days, you can stream the album a week prior to its release in full below. It follows up their delightful 2011 release Mine Is Yours and I for one have been pretty excited to hear the new material. Let's take some time from our day to listen to it together, shall we? (Via CoS)

[Listen] Cold War Kids - "Miracle Mile"

I remember being up late as a teenager and watching some show on late night TV in bed on Channel 4. I can't recall the year but I was in secondary school maybe 14-15 years old.  The show itself was a load of brand new acts breaking through and they seemed to be playing in a back yard somewhere. I remember the show well because it was my first encounter with Cold War Kids. I was since lucky enough to actually see Cold War Kids perform in a back garden back at SXSW in 2011 and it was a highlight of the week. Plus the frozen margaritas at that show were unbelievably good. 

The reason I bring all this up is that the band have a special place in my heart and mind so I was happy to see news of a new album breaking yesterday. Titled Dear Miss Lonely Hearts, it's set for release on April 1st via Downtown Records. As well as that they've teased the new sounds with a track titled "Miracle Mile" which is a lovely little Friday morning listen. It's Friday for God's sake, relax a little and enjoy some new music.

[Watch] Cold War Kids Cover Leonard Cohen's "There Is A War"

In less than one week, Leonard Cohen's first album in eight years, titled Old Ideas, is set to be released via Columbia Records. In honour of the music icon, Columbia has gathered together a number of musicians, who are also fans of Mr. Cohen, and brought them into the studio to record a covers series called Old Ideas With New Friends. Courtesy of Filter, we have video footage of Cold War Kid's cover of Cohen's "There Is A War," a song which they call "striking." Check out the footage from within the recording studio above.

Old Ideas is out on January 31st via Columbia Records.

[Listen] Cold War Kids - "Minimum Day" x "Minimum Mistake"
Cold War Kids are soon to head out on their "Minimum tour" on which they'll perform for three nights in three west coast cities. In turn the band have just let loose two new tracks. The tracks are also the first songs new guitarist and former Modest Mouse guitarist, Dann Gallucci First. The first track is titled "Minimum Day" and the second "Minimum Mistake". The latter is a bass heavy track that is a step away from the sons we grew to love on Mine Is Yours but they're both equally tasty as a lunchtime snack for your ear holes. See what you think below.

Cold War Kids - "Minimum" by Some Kind of Awesome

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[CMJ 2011] Cold War Kids, Datarock, Active Child, Mike Relm and Figo Perform at Hyundai Presents Re:Mix Labs

After previewing the trailer for Amir Bar-Lev's music documentary Re:Generation last thursday, Hyundai and Re:Mix Lab continued to bring their love of music to New York's CMJ Music Marathon. With events having taken place in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Chicago, it was hard to avoid their presence.

On Saturday night, they brought together huge names in music to put on another night of awesome performances. The fourth night of the Re:Mix Labs series featured none other than Cold War Kids as the headliner for the evenings performances, followed by Active Child, as well as DJ sets from Norwegian electronic duo Datarock, American turntablist Mike Relm and New York City electro punk band Figo. There's no denying it was a night full of great music and fantastic performances.

For more information on Re:Mix Labs, head here, and look forward to the release of the Re:Generation documentary in February 2012. The documentary sees five of the hottest DJs in music, inlcuding DJ Premier, Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Mark Ronson, and The Crystal Method, collaborating in genres that are out of their element, and the five tracks recorded for the documentary will be given away for free via a DJ Mixer App, which launches in November.

[CMJ 2011] Hyundai Presents Re:Mix Labs

Its CMJ week! This week Hyundai kicks off their first ever Re:Mix Labs event in New York featuring performances from Cold War Kids, DJ Spooky, Active Child, DJ Premier, The Boxer Rebellion, Datarock, Mike Relm and more. In addition to showcasing some awesome acts, Hyundai will also be showcasing three custom built Velosters designed as the ultimate representations of Music, Gaming and Technology and will be premiering their upcoming remix documentary Re:Generations featuring Skrillex, The Doors, Mark Ronson, DJ Premier and hosting free classes, demos and more.

The NYC event is the first of 5 events Hyundai will be holding for Re:Mix Labs. Other locations also include Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. We'll be out there this week checking out the legendary DJ Premier as well as the Rocksmith concert with Active Child, Mike Relm and Datarock and keep you posted on all the goods.


[Watch] Cold War Kids - "Skip The Charades" (Video)

Cold War Kids haven't left my consciousness for a while after the release of their latest LP, Mine Is Yours, with what I saw as a return to form. The band now return to everyone else who's interested, and their frontal lobes with the video for their track "Skip The Charades". Check out the visuals at the top (some proxy trickery may be needed for non US citizens, apologies). 

If you haven't picked up CWK's latest album go grab a copy over here

[Watch] Cold War Kids - Bonnaroo Set

Another weekend, another Festival, the season has well and truly kicked off (just ask my liver). Lucky festival goers in Manchester, TN were treated to performances from a vast selection of bands. Today if you weren't lucky enough to be there we have some visual treats for you to to enjoy and rid you of the festival blues, or simply relive a great set from the weekend. Check out Cold War Kids strutting their stuff right here on SKoA courtesy of The Audio Perv

Part one is at the top with the second half being available for your enjoyment after the jump.