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[SKOA Presents] The BBC 6 Music Blog Awards 2013: Results

So on Sunday evening, we took part in the BBC 6 Music Blog Awards which was rather fun yet again. Others included this year included The 405, Punktastic, The Quietus, One For The People, For Folk's Sake, The Blue Walrus, Fresh On The Net and some by the 6 Music team themselves. The show was a raging success and it's always a pleasure to take part in. There were a few technical mix ups but hey, it wouldn't be live radio and an awards ceremony without a  few of those now, would it?! To see the winners make the jump and to re-listen to the show in its enirety, head over here. Treat yourself to a few hours off from whatever it is you're meant to be doing today. We won't tell, honest.

Artist most likely to induce a state of vibe like euphori-coma (hosted by The 405)
Carnivals: We put Carnivals at the top of our 10-track shortlist for this award and many readers didn’t need to look any further. Kindness is exactly the blissed out ray of hazy sunshine we were thinking of when we came up with this category. Each gripping layer of sound provokes its own thought as it takes you over during the course of its four and half minutes, and as a cherry on top of all that, it's got beats as deep as the Mariana Trench.

Album you'd watch a ten-year anniversary tour of in 2022 (hosted by Punktastic)
The Menzingers - On The Impossible Past: Appearing on many "best of" lists in 2012 (taking second place in our staff poll), The Menzingers' On The Impossible Past saw them graduate from the gruff punk scene to the wider "rock audience", and it's likely going to be their career defining record. It's a particularly good choice for hearing in full live as it's got a very natural flow to it, and it's full to the brim of big choruses and memorable melodies!

Tomorrow’s Cult Artist Today (hosted by The Quietus)
Fat White Family: Fat White Family, are sick. I don't mean this like, they're well sick la, I mean they're seriously not well. I've never seen a more unhealthy looking band in my life. They're the sort of band you'd wish would move into the house next door to Bobby Gillespie to hold five day mephedrone jams. They sound like early Liars, smacky Butthole Surfers, slow and steamy Birthday Party. No good will come of it, mark my words but above and beyond all of this it should be said that they're also slightly brilliant.

Far More Than Just A UK Buzz Band (hosted by One For the People)
Crushed Beaks: Since they first unveiled a couple of early shed recorded demos in 2011, the Crushed Beaks duo of Alex Morris and Matthew Poile have been steadily increasing their worth. Continually building their flourishing aesthetic, they incorporate a romantic vulnerability into a sound that seems to merge effortlessly well with their noise-rock roots.

Best Venue for Upcoming Bands (Never Enough Notes)
Moles, Bath: We were looking for smaller, intimate venues and there are plenty of those around, but we didn't expect the volume of support and huge amount of loyal support we had! Moles in Bath took the top spot in a neck-and-neck race with The Fleece in Bristol. Moles is an institution with a 35-year history which has seen Radiohead,The CureBlurOasis and The SmithsThe VaccinesLaura Marling and many others at the early stages of their career.

The EP or Single That Has (Had) You Most Excited About A Full Release (hosted us heare at SKoA, you must recognise this one)
Disclosure – White Noise:

Disclosure have shown so much promise over the past few months and were more popular than David Bowie, The 1975 and Nerve when we asked our followers. With them set to release a full-length album in the very near future we're more than a little excited to dance the nights away to their highly polished house anthems. 

Album That Justifies Buying Cripplingly Expensive Headphones Award (hosted by For Folk’s Sake)
The Mountain Goats - Transcendental Youth: John Darnielle is the musician who best expresses what it is to be alive, and 2012's Transcendental Youth is uplifting, exhilarating and tragic. Get your hands on some fancy headphones and sticl it on - it makes life better.

Band Most Likely to Start Their Own Cult (hosted by The Blue Walrus)
Shinies: Some bands in the running like the Chapman Family are perhaps too obvious a choice for starting a cult, that they have to regularly deny the claims. Shinies, however, have already made a cult-like a headline splash across the tabloids, by hunting down and sacrificing ex-Fun House presenter Pat Sharp in the video for Ennui. That sounds a lot like a cult to me.

Wise Words on the Web for Emerging Artists (hosted by Fresh on the Net)
Make it in Music: Make It In Music is a phenomenal resource for new bands, artists and labels alike – in fact anybody starting out in the music industry. And amazingly it is free.

MPFree of the Year (hosted by the 6 Music Morning Show)
VuVuVultures - I'll Cut You: Chosen on the 6 Music Facebook page.

Artist which would best double up as a Pest Control Company (hosted by The 6 Mix)
Massive Attack: Suggested by Jaime Paredes on the 6 Mix Facebook page.

BBC 6 Music Highlight 2013 (hosted by the 6 Music Facebook Page)
6 Music Live at Maida Vale