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[Download] Dead Sons - "The Rain"

A band I've fully backed ever since discovering them this time last year are Dead Sons. I was delighted at the back end of last week to see that, although they said they were finished with 2013 with the release of their single "Gasoline", they've returned with a new track titled "The Rain". A little different to what we've come to expect from the lads but that's not a bad thing. The track is a softer, more gentle ride from start to finish that delivers a taste of what may be to come from them in 2014 when they release more new material. Not only can you listen to it below but you can download it for free too. Balls to that fat bearded fella who's meant to be heading down our chimney's next week, Dead Sons have you covered right now! 

If you've not already, I can't recommend their debut album The Hollers & The Hymns enough so go buy that too and look out for these gents melting some faces in the new year. I for one, can't wait. 

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[Watch] Dead Sons - "Gasoline"

Having some fun in the sun this weekend? Why not soundtrack it with the huge sounding new single from Sheffield's Dead Sons. Titled "Gasoline" it's the last we'll hear from the band in 2013, but it's a big farewell to a great year for them. I remember watching the band at their Manchester show in May and this song being played, I was eager to hear the recorded version and boy does it deliver. Riffs for days. A grandiose bridge reminiscent of Kyuss/QOTSA. Seriously, if you're sat in the garden right now having a beer and a BBQ, grab some big ass speakers and turn this up. Loud.

You can grab the download for the track from the 27th of July. The band have just announced that their last show of 2013 will take place on August 2nd at Sheffield's Leadmill. It's not to be missed! Treat yourself as it's free. You won't be disappointed. Also, carry on enjoying your weekend. (and beer!)

[Album Stream] Dead Sons - 'The Hollers & The Hymns'

Every now and again I get a real bit of excitement for some new music that gets me a little warm in the loins. Over the new year period, that happened while I was on holiday in New York with the SKoA family. The band that got me all hot under the collar was Dead Sons, a band humbling from Sheffield who I've mentioned previously via their track "Hangman". Next week they'll release their debut album The Hollers & The Hymns via Bereyt Records next Monday, February 18. Today Artrocker has got a hold of that album, the album that soundtracked 10 days in Brooklyn for me, strolling the streets, drinking far too much and eating myself silly.

It's dirty, heavy, fuzzy beast of an album from start to finish with hints of Queens of the Stone Age and just desert rock vibes in general. I feel people will make a comparison to Arctic Monkeys which is fair enough. They come from the same city. They all started making music at a similar time back when members of Dead Sons were in Milburn so that's bound to happen, but damn this is a great debut album. I've had it playing regularly for over a month and I hope you guys will give it some love too. If you like what you hear, the band will be on tour in March hitting up numerous venues including my old hometown of Chesterfield. Dates after the jump and the glorious album is below too. Bathe in its glory and pick up a copy from Monday.

Dead Sons UK Tour 2013:

February 16 - Sheffield, The Library Theatre 
02 - Chesterfield, Real Time Live 
08 - Bedford, Esquires 
09 - Milton keynes, The Craufurd Arms 
14 - Manchester, Trof Fallowfield 
15 - Stockton, Ku Bar 
21 - Bristol, Start the Bus 
22 - London, Sebright Arms 
23 - Southampton, Lennons 
26 - York, The Duchess 
27 - Leeds, A Nation of Shopkeepers 
28 - Middlesbrough, Doctor Browns 
29 - Coventry, Taylor Johns 
30 - Stoke, The Sugarmill 

05 - Preston, Mad Ferret

[News] Dead Sons Announce UK Tour

Over the New Year break I took a nice little trip to the States to hang out with Kibbe in Brooklyn. As well as drinking my body into a stupor and eating far too much I also got the chance to listen to a hell of a lot of new music. It was nice. Last year you may remember I tipped a band called Dead Sons who come from Sheffield. Whilst on Holiday one of the things I had the chance to ingest music wise was their debut album. It arrived in my inbox and I gave it more than just a few listens whilst roaming around Manhattan. It truly is awesome. Titled The Hollers & The Hymns it's not set for release until February 18th, yet but in preparation of its release the band have announced a UK tour. They've already supported the likes of Arctic Monkeys and the band members have their fair share of history between them. I'll be catching up with the lads for a chat in the coming weeks so look out for that but in the mean time, check the dates after the jump and if you've not already seen it, watch their video for "Hangman" above.

Dead Sons March UK Tour 2013

2nd Chesterfield-Real Time live (Sold out)

15th Stockton-Ku Bar

21st Bristol- Start the bus

22nd London- Sebright Arms

23rd Southampton- Lennons

26th York-The Dutches

27th Leeds- Nation of Shopkeepers

28th Middlesbrough-Doctor Browns

29th Coventry- Talyor Johns

30th Stoke- Sugar Mill



5th April Preston-Mad Ferret


[News] Dead Sons Announce Debut Album 'The Hollers & The Hymns'

I've talked about Dead Sons briefly a while ago and I mentioned that I was very excited for them to release more material and that anyone into the sounds of Arctic Monkeys and QOTSA should give them a play.... Well know we have the news that they'll release The Hollers & The Hymns, their debut LP, on February the 18th. Mark your calendars. 2013 is looking like it's going to be one hell of a good year for music lovers everywhere.

Check out the video for their track "Hangman" above if you're yet to be familiar with their desert drenched sounds.

[Watch] Dead Sons - "Hangman" (Official Video)

I remember being in secondary school and there being two bands everyone would want to go jump on a train to see every so often. One was Arctic Monkeys, the other was another Sheffield band that went by the name of Milburn who actually went their separate ways back in 2008 and I hadn't thought much of it until the other day. An email arrived in the inbox regarding a band called Dead Sons which actually has a couple of the old Milburn boys in it. They even supported Arctics last year at their huge homecoming shows at Don Valley Bowl in 2011 and have released a few tracks here and their but are preparing the release of a debut album ,The Hollers and the Hymn, early next year.

Today we can sample a track from that release in a desert rock filled chug of brilliance called "Hangman" which sounds like it was crafted out at Joshua Tree. It's pretty darn impressive and I for one will definitely be keeping a close eye on these guys. The video is a flash of dark and creepy goings on too to enjoy that a top. Let us know what you make of them too!

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