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[Download] Death Grips - 'Government Plates'

After royally pissing off just about everyone earlier in the year via cancelling a tonne of shows last minute, self releasing  NO LOVE DEEP WEB without the permission of their label which in turn, lost them their record deal. Generally the band were being bad-asses who absolutely did not give a flying fuck, Death Grips now return unannounced, with a brand new album that's as dirty as your laundry. The last time we heard from them was in August via their song "Birds" which features on the album that's nicely titled, Government Plates. You can stream it in full below or you can download it here and here. It's always nice to wake up and find someone decent has actually released some exciting music overnight and this definitely delivers. Check it out and play it loud at your work desk today. Be more like these guys and fuck the rules. 


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[Download] Death Grips - "Birds"

After being signed to major label Epic Records, Death Grips then got dropped for leaking their own album, they've then recently pissed off even more people by not showing up at shows. Numerous times. Forget all that though, 'cause the reason people get so pissed off is that they like their music so much. Without the music there'd be nothing to be pissed off about. The band have now set up their own imprint for a follow-up to their self-leaked due out in 2014. That's 4 months away (at least) but they’ve offered up a track called "Birds" which you can enjoy below. Grab the download here.

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[Listen] The Prodigy - "Firestarter" (Death Grips Remix)

I remember being about 7-8 years old and my Grandparents owned a pub. I used to get coins off of them before the pub opened for business and put music on really loudly via the jukebox. I remember vividly dancing to The Prodigy's "Firestarter" repeatedly like I was possessed  by some otherworldly demon. My Granddad once caught me and I still to this day have never been so embarrassed. It's one of those tracks that just makes you want to move.

At the end of last year the legendary UK band actually released an extended edition of The Fat of the Land complete with some bonus remixes. Not included on that release though was what we have on offer for you here; a remix from Death Grips. Check out their rework of the classic track that once caused me great embarrassment below and get your Friday off to a great start. If you're going to dance though, ake sure you're alone. Or drunk. 

[Watch] Death Grips - "Come Up and Get Me" (Extended Video)

Simply put, Death Grips had a tumultuous 2012. After signing to major label Epic, the band released two albums, The Money Store and NO LOVE DEEP WEB, less than eight months apart. Then, before the second album was released, the band got kicked off the label. Instead of bowing out they went ahead and leaked NO LOVE DEEP WEB, going around the Epic and essentially saying to them "fuck you". Whether you're divided on your opinions of Death Grips, there is no denying the stunt landed them in a favorable position.

Death Grips have quickly returned, issuing an extended self-directed clip for the NO LOVE DEEP WEB opener "Come Up and Get Me". The 12-minute video throws a lot of crazy visuals at you, from frontman Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett smoking alone in a bedroom or eating a potted flower plant to epileptic flashing ceiling lights to a man struggling underwater with handcuffs around his wrists. It's pretty fucked up, but it's worth the watch. Check it out above.

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[Watch] Death Grips - "True Vulture" (Official Video)

Death Grips' videos over the past 10 months have pretty much been home-made in your face, fit inducing madness and montages of images as fast and brutal as the music pummeling your ears. That changes today though as the band have let loose a collaboration with director and animator Galen Pehrson which is for the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA. For a track that doesn't actually feature on the recently leaked/released album NO LOVE DEEP WEB, "True Vulture" gets an awesome hand-written storyline which can be seen above.

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[Watch] Death Grips - "World of Dogs" (Official Video)

Sacramento rule breakers Death Grips recently leaked their own album NO LOVE WEB DEEP with out the permission of their label Epic. They also unveiled a pretty awesome interactive video in partnership with MTV for "I've Seen Footage". They return again now with a brand new video for the track "World of Dogs" which uses a variety of burning footage cropped alongside slow moving shots of a Ferris wheel, cash machines and all kind of weird things. Let's riot and hit play above.

You can grab a copy of their new album here.

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[Download] Death Grips - 'NO LOVE DEEP WEB'

Well this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning. It's also the best possible way to start a working week, with some brand new music from a band we really like. That band is Death Grips who have offered up their second album of the year in the shape of NO LOVE DEEP WEB. We were expecting the release sometime soon but it looks like the band's label Epic had other ideas as the band posted via Twitter yesterday. They said the "label (Epic Records) wouldn't confirm a release date ’till next year sometime... The label will be hearing the album for the first time with you". So they have released the album, for free, without the permission of their label. Grab the 13-track LP here or alternatively stream it in-full below. As a heads up the official artwork is a penis. NSFW, naked penis!

[Watch] Death Grips' Interactive Video for "I've Seen Footage"

We've already seen that Sacramento band Death Grips like to have fun in their videos, take their GIF wall for example. Now they have now worked with MTV to create an interactive video which allows you choose which persons eyes you view the on goings of a crazy pool party through. You could just watch it over and over again and check out everyone's POV. Jump over here to party. 

The Money Store, is out now via Epic/Columbia while the second album of the year, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, is likely to drop within the coming months.

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