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[Listen] Cage - "Mayan Stop Watch" (Prod. By F.Sean)

More new Cage Kennylz! Check out another track "Mayan Stop Watch" produced by fellow Cardboard City co-hort F.Sean Martin (ex-Hatebreed guitarist and co-producer of Cage's last album Depart From Me) The track is set to appear on Cage's upcoming EP The Cutting Board Floor, which is 1 of 2 EP we can expect this year from Chris Palko. Peep the first new Cage track "Super Baked" off The Cutting Board Floor EP here .

Then prepare yourself for Cage's 2nd EP, Illuminated: Kill The Architect, which reunites him with Movies For The Blind producer DJ Mighty Mi. We expect to hear the full version of the EP's first single "The Void" very soon. CCWM

[Stream] Chauncey of Cardboard City Presents: What The Fuck Do You Know About F Sean Martin? (Mixtape)

What you know about Cardboard City? What you know about XO Skeletons? What you know about House of Blow? If you said nothin, you need to get familiar with CCWM (Cardboard City x Weathermen). Starting off with one of their prime members Chauncey and F Sean Martin (Ex-Hatebreed and producer of the latest Cage album Depart From Me.) I've been meaning to do a post to get you familiar with both House of Blow and XO Skeletons but haven't yet until today when CC DJ/Producer Chauncey posted a mix to get people familiar with F Sean. For one if you haven't heard of XO Skeletons, you need to check them out, same with House of Blow (Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw/Head Automatica and F Sean), as well as the entire CCWM crew. So check out the latest mix featuring a shit load of unreleased material and go check out their music out. 

Hopefully we'll get to hear some new HoB and XO stuff coming soon.


1. Intro 
2. House of Blow: "Champion Hour" 
3. XO Skeletons: "Lascivious Facts" Ft. Cage 
4. The Profiler: "Dance Tonight" 
5. Cage: "Captain Bumout" [FSTLANE Remix] 
6. Aesop Rock: "Mars Attacks" [F. Sean Martin Crunk Set Remix] 
7. LKRZ: "Raw Facts" (We Got That Crack) 
8. Gucci Man Vs. F Sean Martin: "I'm the Shit" [Chauncey Remix] 
9. Yak Ballz: "Halogen Glow" 
10. M.O.P. Vs. House of Blow: "Ante Up" [Chauncey Remix] 
11. F Sean Martin: "Funeral for a Cowboy"