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[Listen] Check Out Flume's Bass-Heavy Remix of Disclosure's "You & Me"

Disclosure's Eliza Doolittle-featuring single "You & Me" is an incredible track on its own, a perfect reflection of Guy and Lawrence Howard's formula. Flume decided to take their combination of dancefloor-ready beats and Doolittle's yearning vocals and completely change the formula. The result is a near-five minute remix of bombastic bass and echoing, glitchy vocal samples. Just wait for the one-minute mark, it is purely awesome. Stream the remix alongside the original below.

[Watch] Flume Visualizes His Rise to Fame in the Video for "On Top"

Flume has risen quickly this past year, going from a lesser known producer to a formidable name in electronic music. His song "On Top," featuring T.Shirt, perfectly captures his rise to fame, and the video does a great job of visualizing it. It focuses on Flume performing live in front of thousands of hyped fans interspersed with vivid visual effects and a bright hologram of T.Shirt rapping. Check it out below.

[Download] Flume - "Sleepless (feat. Anthony For Cleopatra)"

Check out "Sleepless" from baby beatmaker Flume, from his upcoming EP of the same name, which is out on August 22nd via Future Classic.

I say baby beatmaker because the Syndey native is only 19 years old and got started making beats at age 13 when he found some music production software in a cereal box. Random but rad, am I right?


Hopefully we'll be hearing more from this guy once his EP drops. He's got a great sound coming out of the gate. Very soulful. I want to see what else he can come up with.

Flume - Sleepless feat. Anthony For Cleopatra by future classic

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