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[Watch] Flying Lotus - "Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)" (Official Video)
Okay, can we talk about how Kendrick Lamar is like EVERYWHERE right now?! I feel like if I'm not careful that I'm going to go around a corner and he's going to be standing there ready to start rapping on command for me. I mean, I'm not complaining or anything, but it's been a little overwhelming, especially over the past week. At any rate, I'm glad that he's contributing to the goodness that is Flying Lotus' upcoming 5th album You're Dead! which drops next week (October 6th). The video (below) for "Never Catch Me" takes place during a funeral wherein the deceased love this song so much that they leap out of their caskets and start dancing. 
Tomorrow (October 3rd) you'll be able to stream the entire album in full starting at 5pm EST/ 11pm EU / 2pm PST over on Flying Lotus' website, so set yourself a remind for that. 

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[News] Thundercat Announces New Album Titled 'Apocalypse'

Thundercat, the alias of talented bassist Stephen Bruner, has announced a new album titled Apocalypse. The LP is the follow-up to 2010's excellent The Golden Age of Apocalypse, and is being executive produced by Flying Lotus. The two buddies even co-wrote Thundercat's new cut "Heartbreaks + Setbacks," which you can stream below.

Apocalypse is out on July 9th on Brainfeeder.

Apocalypse Tracklist:

01 Tenfold
02 Heartbreaks + Setbacks
03 The Life Aquatic
04 Special Stage
05 Tron Song
06 Seven      
07 Oh Sheit It's X
08 Without You
09 Lotus and the Jondy
10 Evangelion
11 We'll Die
12 A Message for Austin / Praise the Lord / Enter the Void

[Listen] Flying Lotus' Closing Credits Music for Adventure Time

What time is it? IT'S ADVENTURE TIME! etc etc. If you've never seen an episode of the insanely good Cartoon Network show Adventure Time then I'd say it's safe to say: you're missing out on some acid trip-like good fun. Minus the need for actual drugs. Seriously.

Now add to the show a class act of musician and you've got an even better combination. Step forward Flying Lotus who recently featured in the show via the closing credits. He's taken to Twitter to let loose the track that featured, AND along with that he linked us up to a download of the episode too. What a guy.

Check out "About That Time // A Glitch As A Glitch" below. After that go watch some Adventure Time.

[Watch] Captain Murphy - "The Killing Joke" (Official Video)

In his new video for "The Killing Joke", Captain Murphy/Flying Lotus reverts back to his enigmatic beginnings, to a time when his identity was entirely speculation. Immersed in a dark, creepy atmosphere and tone, the video focuses on a white-eyed hooded figure interspersed with random footage. Check out the perfectly fitting clip above, and if you've yet to hear Murphy's debut mixtape DUALITY you can stream it here.

[Watch] Flying Lotus - "Tiny Tortures" (Video)

It's Flying Lotus day today, as he steps away from the cartoonish rap stylings of his Captain Murphy moniker to drop a video for the song "Tiny Tortures". The song, which was featured on this year's Until the Quiet Comes, is a trippy-yet-subtle soundscape, and that translates perfectly to the visual medium. Starring Elijah Wood, the video is described as a "cinematic portrait of the transformative nature of Flying Lotus, who collides the real and the surreal through kinetic soundscapes". Surreal is an understatement. Check it out above.

Enduring the acid-tinged hallucinations of the digital-age, this slow-motion trip explores the relationship between humans and machines. As objects move and float, we enter a visual dream world – the culmination of Flying Lotus’ vivid songwriting and Lenandowsky’s surreal aesthetic."

[News] And Captain Murphy Is... None Other than Flying Lotus

After much speculation, the true identity of the enigmatic Captain Murphy has finally been revealed. Making his debut performance in Los Angeles last night, it was none other than Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, who took to the stage donning a flashy golden cape and hood (pictured above). As if the already talented FlyLo couldn't impress us any more than he has thus far in his career. Shortly after the reveal, he took to Twitter to laugh in the faces of deniers:

To go along with the unveiling, how about a free download of the deluxe edition of Captain Murphy's Duality mixtape? Complete with separated tracks, instrumentals, unique artwork for each song, and a bonus track titled "Innocence 2", there's no better way to use up your precious bandwidth. Grab it below.

[Listen] Flying Lotus - "Flotus"

This past weekend Flying Lotus dropped a few gems in his mix for Diplo's BBC Radio 1 show Diplo & Friends, including unreleased tracks, his remix of Frank Ocean's "Binge Eating Without You", and a remix of Kanye and Jay-Z's "Niggas in Paris". One of those unreleased tracks is a mellow instrumental titled "Flotus", a dreamy hip-hop cloud where all your thoughts and worries float away with the beat. This is the kind of song where you press play and you become lost in the music. Stream it below, and head here to listen to the entirety of FlyLo's BBC mix.

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