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[Listen] DOOMSTARKS (DOOM x Ghostface) - "Victory Laps" (Original Version)

The day has come! The first official single for the long awaited collaboration by DOOM and Ghostface has arrived. Check out the original version of "Victory Laps" produced by DOOM himself in the player below. We got our first preview of the track earlier this year when Stones Throw dropped one of their mixes which contained 2 tracks, which at the time were labelled under Madvillain. Now, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for the DOOMSTARKS LP to drop later this year. Check out the Madlib produced Madvillainz Remix here.

[Listen] Wugazi - "Slow Like That"

We're one day away until Wugazi Wednesday and we get another taste of Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy's upcoming release 13 Chambers before its release tomorrow. Check out the track "Slow Like That" courtesy of Rolling Stone in the player below. This mash up blends Ghostface Killah and Ne-Yo's 2006 single "Back Like That" with the Fugazi's  "Slo Crostic" cut from the soundtrack to the band's documentary Instrument.

[Download] Max Tannone - Ghostfunk (Ghostface x Afrofunk Mash Up)

Seems to be alot of Wu related projects going around as of late and now, Max Tannone, the man responsible for the Jay-Z/Radiohead mashup album Jaydiohead and the Mos Def x Reggae mashup album Mos Dub, returns with a new offering featuring Wu Tang's sporadic lyricist Ghostface Killah and mashes up his classics with vintage African funk, high-life, and psychedelic rock music. Check out the amazing mash up album Ghostfunk in the player below. For more Wu mash up fun, check out Wugazi.

Ghostfunk by Max Tannone

[Listen] DOOMSTARKS (DOOM x Ghostface) - "Victory Laps" (Madvillainz Remix)

Remember when I told you guys you should jump on ordering that DOOM x Akomplice Mystery Box? If you did, congrats! If you missed out, sucks for you but luckly the blogosphere always gots your back. Sadly, my package is at my folks place in another state, but our good friends at OneThirtyBPM came across one sweet ass gem located inside the Mystery Box, a brand new collaboration from (formerly MF) DOOM and Wu sword swinger Ghostface Killah aka DOOMSTARKS titled "Victory Laps." The Madvillainz Remix was included on a red cassette along with other DOOM goods inside the mystery box. This track marks the 4th collaboration from DOOM and Ghost who previously collaborated on the tracks "Angels" from DOOM's Born Like This, "The Mask" from Danger Doom's The Mouse And The Mask and "Chinatown Wars" from the Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Soundtrack.

However, if you missed out on ordering the limited edition package, don't fret, according to DOOMSTARKS' label the un-remixed version will be available on iTunes from July 26th. You can also head over to the Nature Sounds' website to preorder the limited-edition picture disc vinyl of the upcoming single which features both the original and the remix. One lucky recepient of the (not so mysterious anymore) box has posted a video of the contents of the box with the new song playing in (the not so best quality) in the background. Check it out after the jump.

UPDATE: Check out the HQ stream that premiered on Hot 97 below and the reveal video after the jump.

[Listen] Wu-Tang Clan - "Laced Cheeba" (GhostFace Killah, Sean Price, Trife Diesel)

If Raekwon and Mathemathics on Limp Bizkit's "Combat Jazz" wasn't Wu enough for you, we got another taste from the upcoming Wu-Tang compilation Legendary Weapons featuring my 2nd favorite Wu member, next to the RZA of course, GhostFace Killah. The track is titled "Laced Cheeba" and features Sean Price and Trife Diesel. This shit is real hip hop, check out the track below and peep the other 2 cuts from Legendary Weapons "225 Rounds" and "Only The Rugged Survive" before it hits shelves next month.

Happy Wu Wednesday! For even more Wu goodness, check out Wugazi.

[Listen & Download] Ghostface Killah - "Together Baby" x "Purified Thoughts"

The wally champ aka Pretty Toney aka Tony Starks aka Iron Man aka you know how many nicknames this man has but he's better known to you by moniker of Ghostface Killah. Ghost let loose his new single "Together Baby" from his upcoming album The Apollo Kids, which drops December 14th, via his Twitter. Also as an added bonus, we got an extra track featuring Ghost Deini titled "Purified Thoughts" which featured 2009 Red Bull Big Tune champion Frank Dukes on the boards. Check out the latest heatrocks from my favorite Wu emcee next to RZA below. WU! TANG! WU! TANG!

Ghostface Killah - "Together Baby" (Clean) by Some Kind of Awesome

Ghostface Killah - "Purified Thoughts" by Some Kind of Awesome