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[Watch] Green Day - "Kill The DJ" (Official Video)

We've had a few previews of what to expect from Green Day's new LP, ¡Uno!. (One of 3 albums they plan to release in the next 6 months) and today we get the second video from the group and it's for their single "Kill The DJ". Check it out at the top.

¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! will be released by Reprise Records on the 25th of September, 13th of November, and the 14th of January. No doubt they'll be on the road for the next few years touring it as well.

[Watch] Green Day - "Oh Love" (Official Video)

As we've previously talked about, Green Day are set to release three albums in the coming 6 months titled ¡Uno!¡Dos! and ¡Tré! respectively. It's a tall order and we've already got to hear "Oh Love" and "Kill The DJ" in recent weeks. Today they unveil a video for the former and you can give it a watch up at the top. I so badly want to like new Green Day material but I'm finding it harder and harder with every release. We'll see if they convince me over the coming months.

¡Uno! is set to drop on September 25th via Reprise with the other LP's being released on November 13th and January 15th, respectively. They'll drop a day earlier in the UK for each album.

[Listen] Green Day - "Kill The DJ"

Check out the second single from the forthcoming Green Day LP ¡Uno!. (One of 3 albums they plan to release in the next 6 months!) Titled "Kill The DJ" you can stream it now over at 107.7 The End. It's a  bit of a dancey number and not what I expected from Billy Joe and co.

¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! will be released by Reprise Records on the 25th of September, 13th of November, and the 14th of January, respectively.

[Watch] Florence & The Machine x Dev Hynes - "Hitchin' a Ride" (Green Day Cover)

Growing up and getting into music at school most likely meant at some point you listened to Green Day. I personally had a tendency to get back catalogue's of a band once I like one album. Nimrod was  released way back in 1997 when I'd have been what, 8, so I didn't have it when it first dropped. I did grow into a fan though in my teens and "Hitchin’ a Ride" was an early favourite.

At this year's Coachella Noisey recorded some live sessions and one of these consists of Florence Welch and Dev Hynes of Lightspeed Champion performed the aforementioned Green Day track, "Hitchin' a Ride". Take yourself back to the mid 90's with their take on the track above.

[Watch] Example - "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (Green Day Cover)

I guess today is cover Sunday. While in Australia for the Parklife tour, Pop/Dance UK Rapper Example stopped by the Triple J studios to perform an arranged "Change The Way You Kiss Me" before taking on an acoustic cover of Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" on Like A Version. Check out thethe cover in the player above.

Example's Playing In The Shadows is in stores now. Pick it up! 

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[Listen] Rodeo Queens (Jesse Malin & Green Day) - "Depression Times"

Last night New York radio DJ Rich Russo premiered a new song titled "Depression Times" by Green Day featuring Jesse Malin on the Anything, Anything show on 101.9 RXP. As The Green Day Authority reports, that the group decided to release the song under the name Rodeo Queens instead of releasing the song as Green Day featuring Jesse Malin. Check it out in the player below. Shouts to the Rock It Out! Blog for the heads up.

Rodeo Queens (Jesse Malin & Green Day) - "Depression Times" by Some Kind of Awesome