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[Watch] Grinderman - "Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man" (NSFW Video)

Why hello there new Grinderman video, nice to see y...wait a minute what the! Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that. Here we have the animated video for Grinderman's track, "Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man". The video sees an animated Nick Cave along with some werewolves, pubic hair on an elf, oh and some nipples just for good measure. If you're at work you may want to save it for this evening when you get home, or you could just turn your monitor slightly away from any snooping co-workers. Either way check out this crazy video from Grinderman. 

The track features on his latest studio LP, Grinderman 2 which you can grab a copy of over here.

[Listen] Grinderman - "Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man" (Joshua Homme Remix)

First UNKLE, Cats Eyes and The National take a crack at remixing tracks from Nick Cave's latest Grinderman album, Grinderman II. Now Them Crooked Vultures/Queens of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme takes an eerie approach to the album's opening track "Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man."

According to SPIN, Homme and Grinderman's collaboration stems from a chance meeting in a Los Angeles diner last year, after a Grinderman gig. Nick Launay, Grinderman's producer, helped facilitate the remix, and, according to spokesperson, Cave and Grinderman are "very happy" with Homme's take. 

The remix feels like a creepy campfire tell at the beginning, followed by an explosion of that desert rock style that we love and expect from Homme. Check out the track in the player below and make sure you pick up the single when it drops as a download and 12" vinyl on June 14.

[SKOA Presents] Record Store Day The SKOA Way (Guide)

Tomorrow is every vinyl junkie's happiest day on earth! When it comes to Record Store Day, we've been around the block enough times to know how this whole day works out. To help you achieve maximum awesomeness on this the holiest of music nerd days, we've put together a little guide to help you on your quest. Kibbe has provided a helpful guide for Record Store Day Rookies so they can beat the eBay sellers to the records they want and Rocko tells you what releases are simply a must have this year.

Remember: as you're out and about tomorrow, make sure you use the official RSD 2011 hashtag (#RSD11) if you're on Twitter as part of the celebration!

Now onto the guide!!!!

How To Get The Records You Want Before Those Ebay Jerks Do

  1. Get In Early: We do not recommend an all night rager tonight if you have a serious number of limited pressing records to nab. Find out what time the record stores you're hitting open tomorrow and plan on being there when doors open (if not a little bit before then).
  2. Make A List: The great folks over at Record Store Day have provided a highly detailed list of the records that will be available tomorrow, so have a once over on that and make note of what you want and which ones are limited pressings vs. just being released on RSD.
  3. Call Ahead: If you haven't taken RSD seriously before, call ahead to ask your stores how they plan to handle the RSD releases. Some stores set them aside, some put them behind the counter, and others just file the records away like they were nothing special (the nerve!). Also check to see if they're doing anything special to celebrate the big day. You may end up with things like in-store performances, free food, or a special sale.
  4. Don't Give Up!: If one store doesn't have a record you want, try another one! Be resourceful! One year Kibbe was on the hunt for a Dead Weather single and had to call from NYC a store in FLORIDA to track it down and put it on hold until one of her friends could go pick it up for her. It may cost you more for shipping to do something like that, but at least it won't be double the price like it would be on eBay!

RSD Releases That You Simply MUST Get Your Hands On

1. Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi (Rome) - Two Against One/Black

2. Franz Ferdinand - Covers EP

3. Deftones - Covers

4. Rhymesayers Limited Picture Disc

5. Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

6. Gorillaz - The Fall

7. Peter Bjorn & John - Dig A Little Deeper/What I could Do If I Wanted

8. Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers/Ramones - Havana Affair


10. Karen Elson - Vicious/In Trouble With The Lord

11. William Elliot Whitmore/P.O.S - Split 7"


12. Grinderman - Evil

[Listen] Grinderman & Matt Berninger (of The National) - "Evil" (Silver Alert Remix)

The National’s Matt Berninger joins Nick Cave and Grinderman for the Silver Alert's (Peter Mavrogeorgis and drummer Jim Sclavunos) remix of their upcoming Record Store Day 12” release for the single "Evil." This little dark, crooner is definitely on my list of records to grab on Saturday. Check it out below.

Grinderman & Matt Berninger (of The National) - "Evil" (Silver Alert Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Listen] Grinderman - "When My Baby Comes" (Cat's Eyes remix)

Nick Cave's project Grinderman will be releasing their latest single from Grinderman 2 "Palaces of Montezuma", on March 14 via Mute. Included with this release is a new remix by Cat's Eyes aka the Horrors' Faris Badwan for the song "When My Baby Comes." Peep out the remix below courtesy of Pitchfork and also head over there to check out the "Palaces of Montezuma" by Nick Cave collaborator Barry Adamson.

[Listen] Grinderman - "Hyper Worm Tamer" (UNKLE Remix)

The next single to be taken from Grinderman's second album will be Worm Tamer. It will be released on the 22nd November on limited edition 12" coloured vinyl and download. As well as this though the single will come with exclusive remixes from UNKLE and A Place To Bury Strangers. Last week Zane Lowe dropped the Unkle remix as the "Hottest Track in The World Right Now" and today being the start of a fresh week we have a treat for you in the form of that very remix of the track! Head on over here if you fancy listening to the original version of the track from the Grinderman 2 album.

Grinderman - "Hyper Worm Tamer" (UNKLE Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

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