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[SONG OF THE DAY] Humans - "Breakfast With Liz"

Vibey Vancouver duo HUMANS announced last week that next month they’ll be dropping an album called Going Late. Although they didn’t specify a release date (ugh) they DID release a new song (eee!), “Breakfast With Liz”.

When I try to describe HUMANS to people I normally say something like, “oh they’re sexy electro jams that you strut around to in the dead of night when you go out dancing”. Apparently this is a spot on description for the guys, because as Robbie Slade told Clash, “This song is about bouncing around from party to party in the rain. A thing that often happens to the youth of Vancouver, thanks to our thriving underground scene. As these nights can get somewhat out of hand, the simple refrain is a mantra to help keep one grounded.”

To accompany the song, other half of the duo, Peter Ricq directed the video, which takes place in a laundromat and TOTALLY didn’t go in the direction that I thought it would so be sure to watch this all the way through! “This was the most challenging video to date,” Ricq explained to Clash, “and when your mother says 'I watched it, it's not for me' you know you did it right... we've achieved our goal.”

Yep. It’s one of those.

Watch now!

[Night Out] HUMANS @ Baby's All Right 04/08/2016

I have only recently become a fan of Vancouver duo HUMANS, but let me tell you, fam, my love is REAL

How real? 

1:30am set time real.

Yes, just writing that made me yawn for a second remembering how tired I was the next day. But you know what? MORE THAN WORTH IT! 

It had been awhile since I went to a show with someone, let alone more than just rolling with Sprout. I ended up strolling into Baby's on Friday night with 8 people, not including myself. By my calculations, that was not a #squad, that was a gang. Have you ever tried to herd a gang before? That shit is intense. 

By the time the gang was finally situated inside and ready to dance into the wee hours of the morning, we were promptly informed that the airline misplaced their gear and our earholes would be graced with a DJ set instead of their usual performance. Gotta say, for having to throw something together last minute, you could've sworn that it was the plan the whole time. There was scarcely a motionless booty in the crowd. I like it when New Yorkers stop being too cool to dance. It makes it more fun that way. 

How loud is the @dashumans show rn? Well...

A video posted by [stephanie] kibbe (@heylookitskibbe) on

I am going to take a moment now and get Rock Mom on everyone about the importance of taking care of your ears when you go experience live music. I am fairly certain that I was the only person amongst all those happy dancing people with earplugs in. It gets LOUD in Baby's. It's was loud enough for the drinks we rested on the side of the stage to SLIDE AROUND because the bass was so heavy. If you want to keep being able to hear all of the wonderful sounds that Humans and other musicians make, please take a minute to invest in a pair of earplugs that you can keep on you "in case of random awesome things" that you might encounter. 

If you have not taken time to get to know Humans, I would highly recommend you doing so. I had admittedly spent more time with their latest Water Water EP and had only given their last LP Noontide one super distracted spin before coming out to the show. Since then, I have discovered that I might love Noontide a little too much because I keep telling people I want to start a religion because of songs like "Cold Soba" and "Watusi". No wonder it got nominated for a Juno. Hnnnnng. 

In addition to a perfomance coming up this weekend at Coachella, the band have a few more dates in North America, so make sure to live your best life and go see them if they're coming to your town. 

You can check out the photos from my night out below. 

Oh did I mention that as soon as their set ended their gear showed up? lol

[Watch] HUMANS - "Water Water"

I have been hypnotized by Vancouver outfit HUMANS' latest track, "Water Water" for the past couple of weeks now. You may have enough noticed how I low key included it in last week's diSKOAver weekly playlist, all 9 minutes and 47 seconds of its sexiness. Now the song (the radio edit of it anyway) has a video, which is mostly just an ad for these baller jackets that feature the artwork from last year's album, Noontide, which is currently up for a Juno for Best Electronic Album. I should make myself clear that when I say baller I mean this on multiple levels. In addition to looking really awesome, you literally have to be a baller to afford one at it's actual retail price of $600. Oof. The band admits that the jackets are, "'spensive" but hopes that you will pony up because co-founder Peter Ricq apparently has a crush on the girl who embroiders these baller jackets, so "by ordering this jacket you are likely being a great wingman / winglady."

For those of you who are at SXSW sipping margaritas while having a skim here, the band will be performing a handful of shows throughout the week so if you are free during any of the times during the flyer below be sure to check them out. For everyone else, the band will be heading out on tour in support of their new EP Water Water, which just dropped via Mom + Pop. Obviously I will be at Baby's because I love myself, so be sure to say hi if you're there, too! 


March 25 - Celebrities - Vancouver

March 26 - Velvet - Toronto  

April 7 - Underground Arts - Black Box - Philadelphia

April 8- Baby's All Right - Brooklyn, NY

April 9- Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge

April 26 - Schubas Tavern - Chicago

April 27 - Soda Bar - San Diego

April 28 - The Echo - LA

April 29 - Swedish American Hall - San Francisco 

April 30 - Barbosa - Seattle