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[Watch] Hawk Eyes - "You Deserve a Medal" (Official Video)

Hawk Eyes return with a brand new video for a personal favourite of mine from their more than impressive album, Ideas. The visual accompaniment for their track "You Deserve A Medal" is a stop motion clip, animated and directed by Jack Sutton. It's definitely a good thing to point your eyes towards if you're feeling a little sleepy and out of it. Guaranteed to put a spring in your step*. I bumped into Paul at a show a few weeks ago and had a brief chat about new material and all I'll say at this point is that what he described sounds very bloody good and is sure to impress old and new fans alike.

Ideas is out now.

*Not actually guaranteed to put a spring in your step. We're not miracle workers.

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[Watch] Hawk Eyes - "Witch Hunt" (Official Video)

Hawk Eyes have been a firm personal favourite of mine ever since I first heard their album Modern Bodies a few years back. Then they followed that up at the start of 2012 with Ideas, an album that's had heavy play from me all year. It's now rolling on to December and they're showing no signs of slowing down as they've released the video for album highlight, "Witch Hunt", just now via NME. You can catch the video up at the top.

The single will be released on the 3rd of December and you can catch the band on tour with Therapy right now around the UK. You'd be a fool to miss it as they've stated it's the last time they'll be performing for a while. Dates can be found over here along with their video for "Kiss This". Turn it up loud.

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[Watch] Hawk Eyes - "Kiss This" (Official Video)

Hawk Eyes brought out the brilliantly riff heavy sophomore album Ideas at the start of the year and I've been blasting it regularly ever since and rumour has it they're going to begin recording some new material very soon. First though they've gone and found some time to record a video for the track "Kiss This". It takes place in a lift, yes a lift. Imagine dragging your tired ass to work one morning, hitting the button for the lift to go and sit at your desk at a job you don't want to do to find these guys rocking out at a deafening volume. It'd be bloody fantastic! 

If you like what you see/hear I highly recommend you check the lads out on tour while you can. They have a fair few left this year including Damnation Fest in a few days and two months of dates with Therapy?

03 Leeds, Damnation Festival 
23 Birmingham, Academy
24 Bristol, Thelka (w/Therapy? and LaFaro)
25 Nottingham, Rescue Rooms (w/Therapy? and LaFaro) 
26 Liverpool, Academy (w/Therapy? and LaFaro) 
28 Newcastle, Academy (w/Therapy? and LaFaro) 
29 Sheffield, Academy (w/Therapy? and LaFaro)o 
30 Glasgow, Garage (w/Therapy? and LaFaro) 

01 Manchester, Academy (w/Therapy? and LaFaro)
02 Wrexham, Central Station (w/Therapy? and LaFaro)
04 Reading, Sub 89 (w/Therapy? and LaFaro)
05 Cardiff, Globe (w/Therapy? and LaFaro)
06 Portsmouth, Wedgewood rooms (w/Therapy? and LaFaro)
07 London, Koko (w/Therapy? and LaFaro) 
07 London, Camden Barfly (Therapy? + Gary Numan Aftershow party)

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[Watch] Hawk Eyes Live at Reading Festival

It was a very fun weekend for me last weekend, not only was it a Bank Holiday here in the UK but I spent my weekend in a field with some of the best people I know at Leeds Festival. On Sunday night before enjoying At The Drive In play the NME Stage I got to watch a firm favourite of mine Hawk Eyes tear through a great set on the BBC Introducing stage. We've spoke about them a lot in the past year or so but if you're still not familiar hit play above and get your daily fill of riff courtesy of BBC Introducing. The security deny Paul his usual pit antics during "Bears By The Head" but a great performance none the less.

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[Watch] Hawk Eyes - "Headstrung"

Hawk Eyes have offered up the brand new visual accompaniment to their catchy new single "Headstrung" which appears on their great sophomore album, Ideas. The brightly coloured video sees the band surrounded by all kinds of creepy crawlies and fictional madness. They end up in the belly of the beast and you can catch all the crazy trippy goings on above via Classic Rock Magazine.

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[Download] Hawk Eyes - "Just One More Thing"

After unleashing their storming album IDEAS upon us a few months back in March, Hawk Eyes have been going from strength to strength. This pleases us greatly. What pleases us more is that the band have now offered up a brand new, non-album track for free download called "Just One More Thing". Pretty sweet deal huh? Hit play below and grab the download while you're at it. The band will be playing Brighton's Great Escape this weekend, more details of which can be found over here.

[Listen] Hawk Eyes - 'Ideas' (Full Album Stream)

Next week, Hawk Eyes will release their fantastic new album Ideas via their new label Fierce Panda. Packed full of heavy riffs and enough gut churning bass to wake you up on any day of the week, give it a full stream a week before it's set to release on the 26th of March below and head over here to pre-order the album. Tonight the band will show London what they're worth at The Buffalo Bar at their album launch show. It's sure to be a good'un.

On a side note, the band have parted ways with their drummer Matt Reid but fear not as they've only gone and got an equally awesome replacement in the shape of Steve Wilson who's played with the likes of Dinosaur Pile Up and Japanese Voyeurs.

Also, in case you missed it, we caught up with the band and had a great chat about their recording process along with some random things too! It's up over here for your reading pleasure. 

[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: February 2012

Another month gone by and another handful of music that your friends at SKOA are offering up for your listening pleasure. The February edition of the Some Kind of Mixtape series features artists from all over the world, some of which might not be known by many of you. Either way, give the mixtape a listen and let us know who you enjoyed, and perhaps who you didn't, and make sure to give us feedback on this relatively new monthly feature. Our mixtape is hosted on 8tracks, a favorite of ours in the world of music sharing communities, so make sure to head over there and show your support. In the "liner notes" you will find written explanations from each of the SKOA writers regarding their choices for the month.

We hope you enjoy Some Kind of Mixtape: February 2012!

Much love,

Kibbe, Shey & Adrian.

Some Kind of Mixtape - February 2012 from skoablog on 8tracks.

Hawk Eyes - "Skyspinners" (from their upcoming album Ideas)

 So, if you're a regular reader you may of realised I have a personal love for Leeds band Hawk Eyes and with their new album Ideas being released later this month my love has only grown. Their lead single "Skyspinners" is the perfect taste of what's to come on the album. Heart thumping drum lines and guitar riffs renascent of QOTSA in places thrown together with a lighter worthy slow breakdown make for the perfect little tease from the band. Look out for their new LP when it drops on March 26th. - Shey

Death Grips - "Get Got" (from their upcoming album The Money Store)

People loved these guys and their Exmilitary release and now with the announcement that Death Grips have signed to Epic and are to release two records this year I am one of those people falling for them. While they're not the most what you might call, radio friendly type group, the music they make just talks to me. It's brash and abrasive whilst managing to make you wanna turn it up loud to soak it all up. I'm hooked and I hope a few of you will be too. - Shey

Santigold - "Disparate Youth" (from Disparate Youth - Single)

What can I say about a track that just oozes awesome. Well let's see, the comeback track from Santigold sent the internet into a frenzy in a matter of minutes with the synthy intro and reverb filled snare leading into a beat you just simply cannot get a groove onto. Add to this a harsh guitar jab here and there and Santigold's vocal work it all ties into a track that is sure to be one of (hopefully) many this year that will be spun time and time again by not just me, but some of you too. Let's get excited for  her new album Master of My Make-Believe which comes out May 1st on Downtown/Atlantic. - Shey

Montage Populaire - "Reject Reinstall" (from their upcoming Not All Bombs Explode EP)

Southampton experimental pop five-piece Montage Populaire has latched onto my ear drums with their single, "Reject Reinstall" from their forthcoming debut EP Not All Bombs Explode. Hours after you've stopped listening to the song and left your house you will soon find yourself humming the melody and muttering to yourself, "Why can't I just listen to that again RIGHT NOW?!?!" To think that this EP was recorded and mixed over the summer of 2011 in an old meat locker that the band had been using as a rehearsal space just adds to their quirky wonderfulness for me. Not All Bombs Explode is set for release on March 19th courtesy of a joint venture between Popular Recordings, Tri-Tone & PIAS UK. - Kibbe

Computer Magic - "Moving Forward" (from Orion Minimix)

Computer Magic is simply fun and charming, with an upbeat and poppy 8-bit sound driving her music forward. The solo project of Toronto's Danielle Johnson, Computer Magic takes a note from the eccentric and quirky style of band's such as Lemon Jelly, and in every facet her Orion Minimix is just that. Specifically, her track "Moving Forward" is outright fun and enjoyable on so many levels, with 8-bit synths leading the show and odd sounds popping in at every possible opportunity. Add in the fact that Johnson's vocals are executed in such a simple and calm manner, and "Moving Forward" encapsulates everything that makes music entertaining. - Adrian

Bedroom - "You'll See" (from Toys EP)

When I first came across Noah Kittinger's (quite literal) bedroom project Bedroom, I was immediately intrigued, and since premiering his Toys EP last month, it's been amazing to see the blogosphere react to his music. His music perfectly embodies the simplicities and joys of life, the moments where you sit back and relish in the good times, despite the fact that these songs were written in a time of depression. With airy, distant vocals, entrancing acoustic guitar riffs, subtle percussion and an overall attitude of calm serenity, Bedroom's music has an incredibly alluring quality, and his song "You'll See" captures this perfectly. - Adrian

RxGibbs - "Futures" (from Futures EP)

From the EP of the same name, "Futures" is a chilltastic little gem that I've been keeping to myself this month. RxGibbs is a Michigan-based producer that recently signed to the ever-solid Cascine. I've continued to come back to this song all month because of its ability to clear your head almost instantly. The vocals that he's peppered in are so cool and soothing coupled with the laid back synths and beats. Futures dropped just this past week, so make sure you grab it here. - Kibbe

Lucius - "Don't Just Sit There" (from Lucius EP)

It has been a pleasure watching Lucius grow into their own on their new self-titled EP. The Brooklyn duo has gone from cramming friends and a few fans into Rockwood Music Hall to taking the stage at the Bowery Ballroom at such a natural pace that you can tell the amount of care that they have taken to carve out a sound of their own. Having heard "Don't Just Sit There" way back in 2010 as just a sketch of a song, these lovely ladies have transformed it into a full-blown piece of artwork that people of all types can connect with. Head over to their official website and show them some love - Kibbe

PANAMA - "Porcelain (Skinny Love)" (from Good Winter [A Bon Iver Remix Album])

Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago stands as one of my favorite albums, and the song "Skinny Love" as the standout track. When the rather unknown PANAMA released Good Winter, I was immediately excited to hear how they had remixed the aural beauty of Justin Vernon's work, and in no way was I disappointed. The album takes crucial elements of Bon Iver songs and reworks the rest in such a way that it is unique in its own merits, but still retains the recognizable stamp of the original. "Porcelain (Skinny Love)" is where the album shines, though, as it takes the original song's memorable guitar riff and combines it with the distinctive and captivating sounds of a glockenspiel to create a very simple yet powerful take on an already amazing song. - Adrian