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[SONG OF THE DAY] Hockeysmith - "Lonely Loving Me"

Yooooooo y’all ready to get kicked in the nostalgia feels something fierce? Good Lorde.

Please meet Copenhagen electro-pop outfit Hockeysmith. As they gear up for their new EP, Tears At My Age, the band has unveiled the video for their latest single, “Lonely Loving Me”. While the previous single and title track, “Tears At My Age” throws some Cocteau Twins-esque vibes, all I can hear in “Lonely Loving Me” is 80s Madonna and Janet Jackson, but in a hazy shoegazey sort of way. If you listen closely it sounds like singer Annie Hockeysmith straight up went back to 1986 and stole whatever synth they used on, the Janet Jackson classic, “When I Think Of You”. At any rate, I’m obsessing over this project and can’t wait for more folks to catch on to this.

The video for “Lonely Loving Me” was clearly built for a Throwback Thursday, incorporating footage of 80s fitness videos with action shots taken from films and video games - all tied together with Annie's own VHS-style exercise footage. Speaking about the video, Annie said: "I’m a kick boxer in my spare time. I was given these amazing pink boxing gloves and wanted to do something with them. I thought it would be a fun idea to match the 80s vibe of the track and the exercise trend of the 80s and to feature some of my favourite leading women in movies." IMO the only thing missing from the elements that Annie contributed were leg warmers, but given how quickly I’ve taken to the song I’ll let that minor detail slide.

Hockeysmith LIVE:

Mar 8th - Falmouth University, FALMOUTH  (supporting Bellatrix)