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[SKOA Mixtape] "Love to Love U" - Sexy Songs for Valentine's Day Mix from SproutDr

With Valentine's Day approaching the sexy beasts here at SKoA want to spread some love to our fellow freaks in the sheets.

We are creatures. Sensual, enigmatic, primal creatures who are happily motivated and aroused by textures, sound patterns, and colors. "Sexy times" with oneself, a partner, or perhaps even an orgy (oh behave! ....or don't) may summon your inner mixtape making master to create the ultimate come-hither soundtrack. Here's an inviting peek into some salacious tracks that may stir your wanton soul.

So don't make me beg (or do if that's your thing) you to listen to my list of eargasms. Go ahead get turned on and be my Valentine.

XoXo Sproutdr XoXo

[Listen] The Dead Weather - "Open Up (That's Enough)"

Over the weekend while in a crowded place I saw via Twitter that The Dead Weather had returned with a brand new single which triggered me to shout "FUCK YEAH!" which resulted in some rather odd stares. Like I give a crap when this band are involved. Third Man Records have already mentioned that the band are preparing to release a full-length in 2015, which sounds like a time far too far away for my liking, which is why my reaction in a crowded place was so extreme.

Jack White along with Alison Mosshart of the Kills, Dean Fertita of QOTSA, and the Raconteurs' Jack Lawrence have dropped a track called "Open Up (That's Enough)" which is every bit as gritty as you'd expect. Distinct guitar tones rattle their way through the mix while Alison chugs on with an ever catchy and punchy chorus. Prior to the aforementioned 2015 album, the band will be releasing a series of singles, this being the first along with the B-Side, "Rough Detective". Check out the A-Side below and if you want to get your hands on a copy then you can do so over at Third Man's magical Vault. A digital version will be released on January 14th which should be marked in everyone's calendar, 'cause it's my birthday. So yeah, more music from these guys would be a very welcome present.

[News] Jack White says new music from The Raconteurs & The Dead Weather in the works

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Jack White has managed to get a lot of people very, very excited. He's stated that as well as working on new solo material, he's also been plugging away on new music with The Raconteurs and Dead Weather. Members of all the bands are now living in Nashville and naturally, they're good friends, they hang out and with that comes a musical outlet too. The Raconteurs have also now built their very own studio in Nashville which I'm sure helps with the process.

With this  fantastic news though we are unsure as to which project will see the light of day first, but with Jack and Third Man Records who knows when it might be. Next week? Next year. We'll see. Watch this space.

[Watch] Jack White - "I'm Shakin'" Live on Conan

Last night the main man known as Jack White was the musical guest on Conan O'Brien's slot and he brought along his all female backing band. They performed the first ever live performance of "I'm Shakin'" taken from his solo release from earlier in the year, Blunderbuss. I would do just about anything to have a play around with Jack's pedal board and set-up. Maybe if I ask Santa real nice?

[Listen] Jack White raps on new track "Blues On Two Trees"

You read that correctly so you can stop rubbing your eyes and blaming it on a lack of sleep. Jack White is a man of many talents and a man with his finger in many a pie. Rapping however is something I've never heard him do but with his new single "I'm Shakin'" he's going to release a B-Side in the shape of "Blues On Two Trees" and yeah, he lays down a different lyrical style for the intro. Take that, Tuesday morning. I don't know if I fully agree that it's rap but make of it what you will as we only have the preview right now, but hey it's something a little different to start your day with. Sample the track below and look out for the full version in the very near future.

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[Watch] Jack White - "I'm Shakin'" (Official Video)

It's Jack versus Jack in the new video for "I'm Shakin'", as director Dori Oskowitz pits the rocker against himself in a "twin edition" of Battle of the Bands. Imagine how amazing it would be if there really were two versions of Jack White. For now, we'll just have to marvel at the fantastic editing and camera work at play here. Catch the replay above.

On October 16th, White will release a 7″ vinyl featuring "I’m Shakin'", backed by the non-album b-side “Blues on Two Trees”. The single will be released digitally and physically on October 30th.

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[News] Willy Moon To Support Jack White For Select Dates In Europe

Willy Moon announced earlier this week that he will be supporting SKOA favorite Jackie White on select dates in Europe starting at the end of October. This is in addition to Jackie releasing Moon's latest single, "Railroad Track" on Third Man Records complete with a cover of the 1966 hit by Cher, "Bang Bang" for the b-side. Tickets for the dates go on sale tomorrow (Friday) at 9am local time. You can grab a copy of the "Railroad Track" 7" over on the Third Man Records website.

Willy Moon Support Dates For Jack White

31/10 - O2 Dublin Arena – Dublin
02/11 - Alexandra Palace - London
04/11 - Bridlington Spa Theatre and Royal Hall - Bridlington
06/11 - Blackpool Empress Ballroom Arena - Blackpool
07/11 - Birmingham O2 Academy - Birmingham
08/11 - Usher Hall - Edinburgh

[Watch] Jack White Perform "Hotel Yorba" & "Love Interruption" in the woods @ Outside Lands

Last weekend, Outside Lands took place in San Francisco and included sets from some of musics biggest acts. During the madness of the festival, Jack White found some extra time to do an impromptu set in the woods! Included in the set though with his all female band were renditions of "Hotel Yorba" and "Love Interruption". The latter is after the jump while the White Stripes classic is up at the top.