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[SONG OF THE DAY] Jamie Lane - "Desire"
Jamie Lane 2019

Alright friends gather around!

We’ve got a new friend joining the party!

Please meet Aussie poptastic newcomer Jamie Lane. Yes, I found another baby Australian band to adore. My #brand is strong. Lane has only been around the scene since late April of last year with less than a handful of songs to his arsenal at present, but he’s prepping his debut EP Minimal Haze for a June 20th release. Following up his first taste from the EP, “Say It Again”, yesterday he shared a new track, “Desire”, a song that openly airs the doubt and insecurities that we all have experienced at one time or another.

Speaking on the track, Lane explained, “Desire’ is purely an expression of frustration from feeling out of control and uncertain of the future and how these feelings work to alienate people from me. The title signifies my ‘desire’ for the potential I see to become reality, somethingI’m willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve but questioning whether it’ll be worth it in the end.”

There is something about Lane’s sound that is so simultaneously incredibly pleasing to the ears and addictive. My Last.FM data would probably make me look like a crazy person right now but let’s just say I’m attempting to satisfy a craving I didn’t realize I was being deprived of until his music hit my eardrums. This is def what I would more refer to as ✨poptronica✨ than say, “electropop”, because this is way less 80s synth neon vibes and more like glitchy textures and smooth booming bass.

You have to…..HAVE TO… listen to his other tracks, “Take A Night Off” and “Sink” because I can assure you that you will be as ravenous for more of this once you taste this for yourself.

Off to go beg for an advance of the EP. Will probably spaz about it on Twitter when I get it.