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[Night Out] Jamie Woon @ Bowery Ballroom (02/05/2016)

It's been a long time coming, but last night New York City got the sWOONfest that they've been waiting for. Fresh off the heels of his sophomore release Making Time, which dropped back in November of last year, Jamie Woon was finally able to make it stateside and grace the Bowery Ballroom with his presence a few weeks back. Of all the crowds I've experienced recently, the fam who showed up for Jamie Woon were by far my favorite. Everyone was so wonderful to each other and so beside themselves to finally see him live. Adorable doesn't begin to describe how fun it was to watch. 

It was a memorable night for one and all for sure: in addition to singing us all into a sexy stupor, I'm fairly certain we witnessed Woon's first time having a fan throw their bra on stage. I was standing right next to this fan when completely unprovoked I saw her fumble around inside her shirt before tossing her bra in his direction. 

Please look at his face seconds into realizing what happened. I still can't believe I got this shot:

The most entertaining part about this whole ordeal is that the second he walked off stage before returning for the encore was that she was struggling to try and GET HER BRA BACK. Apparently it was a very nice bra. lol 

Ladies: if you want to toss your bra on stage, more power to you. I personally don't get what that does for you, but if you want an entertainer to know you think they're sexy or whatever. Cool. That said, COMMIT TO YOUR EXPRESSION. If you think you might try to pull this... maybe go get a less expensive bra so you're not anxious once you've flung it? I can't even believe I'm saying this right now, lmao. 

Anyway, after I convinced this fan to wait until the performance was done in case she knocked over his microphone in the process, she disclosed to me that she was a little embarrassed because she got caught up in the moment of it. Apparently this girl had flown in from Mexico City just for this show because he only had THREE North American tour dates. Props to you even with your minor lapse in judgement, girl. #RESPECT

If you have not heard Making Time yet shame on you. I'm still sorting out a copy of this on vinyl. Damn do I hate how expensive imports are. 

For those of you not in the US, Woon is making the rounds in the UK and Europe at the moment, so you best get on that. 

#skoaradio 11/07/2015 liner notes
Really feeling this week's mixtape you guys.

Really feeling this week's mixtape you guys.

Can't stop. Won't stop. Can't stop working. But it's chill though, the atmosphere I've been launched into has me surrounded by people who are music junkies just like me! In fact, I found Michl courtesy of one of my dope new friends at the office I'm in right now. (Thanks dude!) Sprout and I also hit up Honne on Tuesday this week where we hung out in the dungeon of a basement at Mercury Lounge and chatted with with James and Andy before they got the entire place pregnant. It's good to be busy. Then we had Flagship at Rough Trade on Friday night. Those guys were super great too. Can't wait to interview them and officially usher them into the skoa fam. But yeah, there's a lot going on but the majority of it is awesome. I guess you could say I'm #stressedbutalsoblessed. I hope you enjoyed this week's show. I'd love to hear from you if I just introduced you to your new favorite song (I know I'm kind of obsessing over SOULS right now).

Until next week!




And here's the headlines I rushed through that you can read more about (and you should so you're smarter than everyone else):

As always, feel free to snag the Spotify playlist below so you can listen to the sweet jams I picked out for you on the go!

#skoaradio 10/31/2015 liner notes
When a new song comes out of nowhere and suddenly becomes your favorite.

When a new song comes out of nowhere and suddenly becomes your favorite.

Happy Halloween broadband buds!
Gotta say, the jams in this week's #skoaradio are so good it's SCARY! hahahaha oh boy am I bad at #relevantcontent sometimes but WE'RE HERE TO TALK MUSIC ANYWAYS SO WHATEVER. I dug up some spooktacular new tunes this week from Sinden, The 1975, Jamie Woon, MALAA, and more so it's a pretty damn good mixtape if I do say so myself. Lots of new music out this week so I hope you weren't planning on buying your family any expensive Christmas gifts because you're about to exceed your budget on music for the zillionth time.

Don't forget you can grab the Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post so you can treasure the order I painstakingly put these songs in. Or you can hit shuffle. Whatever.

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[Watch] Jamie Woon - "Lady Luck" Live for Pitchfork's +1

We've been eagerly awaiting new material from the extremely talented Jamie Woon since he first dropped his LP Mirrorwriting last year. His voice soars on that record and in a live setting his beat-box loop pedal style is a force to be reckoned with. So, it was only a matter of time before Pitchfork caught up with him on a trip to the US and filmed him performing "Lady Luck" for their +1 feature. It also features a lovely little insight into the quiet young man's history. Peep it at the top.

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[Review] Jamie Woon @ Manchester Club Academy 29/05/11

A gloomy looking sky hangs over Manchester City Centre on the eve of Sunday the 29th of May and nothing seems like it can brighten up the greyness. Step forward 28 year old London born and bred Jamie Woon, who last year shot into the eye of more than a few people for his single "Night Air", a vocal led, soul and sample filled track. Tonight he has a headline set at Manchester's Club Academy and everything seems a little brighter again.

Having released his full length debut just a month prior to his gig the venue was sold out and people seemed excited for what was about to come. He'd been tipped earlier in the year by BBC's Sound of 2011 Poll and the reason would become clear just an hour after he walked onto the stage. If you've seen videos of Jamie online or wherever you find them (I'd assume online unless you are in some weird time vortex,) then you'll most likely have seen him backed solely by an acoustic guitar and his effortless yet pitch perfect vox. Tonight he takes the stage with a backing band and the result was a wave of harmonious samples and drum beats intertwined to work effortlessly onstage. 

The crowd seemed timid and it was mirrored by Jamie, but I found this endearing as he blasted few tracks from Mirror Writing. 30 minutes later he bid the crowd good night and played his hit "Night Sky" as the crowd sang along. Walking of the stage him and his band disappeared into the tunnels of backstage. In the blink of an eye Jamie returned to the stage, this time on his lonesome. He was about to take it to another level with his acoustic backed solo vibe. I was stood motionless just soaking it all in. I was quite frankly blown away. I may have peaked too early though.

Next Jamie surprised be again, this time though the whole crowd was taken a back as he started beat boxing, only to effortlessly loop it with his pedal and add layer upon layer to the track before the finishing touch, a good old fashioned crowd harmony and sing along to "Spirits". (You can take a look at this down at the bottom if you like courtesy of Youtube user MsBobification, who actually has a few others on their channel too if you weren't at the show). 

What I'd just seen was something I was completely unprepared for, I had gone in liking what I knew of Jamie Woon, his album, his videos, but yet I'd come out a gushing fan, praising him to anyone who'd listen. How was this possible when just 90 minutes earlier the doom and gloom of Manchester was ready to swallow me up. Upon leaving the venue the sun still hadn't set and it oddly seemed brighter than when entering. I take my hat off to what was a great show from an ever growing talent. Watch this space and in the mean time go pick up his album, Mirrorwriting.

Jamie Woon Hitting The Road In The UK

The talent that is Jamie Woon is kicking off his UK tour tonight at the O2 ABC in Glasgow! Following the success of his Wayfaring Stranger EP and this years release of Mirrorwriting, the tour will be his biggest to date. He will be hitting up pretty damn big venues making stops along the way in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and will finish off with a sold out show at London's  O2 Shepherds Bush Empire. Sounds like a good tour to hit up. If you're in the UK over the next few weeks peep the dates after the jump.

Jamie Woon will release his Shoulda EP on July 11th. Get excited.

Jamie Woon UK Tour Dates

26/05 - O2 ABC - Glasgow
29/05 - Academy - Manchester
30/05 - Leeds Met Student Union - Leeds
31/05 - Leadmill - Sheffield
02/06 - Old Fire Station - Bournemouth
03/06 - Anson Rooms - Bristol
04/06 - HMV Institute - Birmingham
06/06 - The Waterfront - Norwich
07/06 - Rescue Rooms - Nottingham
08/06 - Concorde 2 - Brighton
09/06 - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire - London

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