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[Watch] Jimmy Eat World - "I Will Steal You Back" Live on Kimmel

We've not really mentioned Jimmy Eat World too much here on SKOA in recent months (years). We posted up their RSD release back in April, but yesterday they released their seventh studio record, Damage, which was produced by the extremely talented Alain Johannes. So to help promote that they paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the track "I Will Steal You Back" which I've heard quite a bit in the UK in recent months via numerous Radio Stations. Check them out after the jump via The Audio Perv.

Damage is out now.

[Listen] Jimmy Eat World - 'Damage' (EP)

Being in your mid-twenties, and 'discovering' music in you mid-teens most likely meant you'd of had a few staples in your Windows Media Player back then. (Yeah, I had Media Player for quite a while before converting to iTunes when I got my first brick of an iPod) One of the staples for my friendship group was Jimmy Eat World. You may remember them too if you were of a certain musical persuasion back in the early oughties. I wasn't fully aware they were still going, (I last posted about them in 2011) but they have a new album on the way, Damage, their seventh studio record, and it was produced by the extremely talented Alain Johannes. It's set for release on the 11th of  June. Last weekend for RSD they released the Damage EP on which the title track of the aforementioned album was released along with a Radiohead cover. Check them both out below via Antiquiet.

[Watch] Jimmy Eat World Almost Acoustic KROQ Full Set

Today we've given you A Day To Remember's full set from the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas gig earlier this month as well as My Chemical Romance's and now you can check out Jimmy Eat World's full set, once again courtesy of The Audio Perv. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy some nice Wine and Cheese while watching this set. I think you guys should do the same. Hope you've all had a nice few days with the families. 


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[Listen] Dave Grohl interview with Zane Lowe about New Foos & UK Dates
Yesterday Zane Lowe got to speak with Dave Grohl regarding the new Foo Fighters album. It is looking likely to be released in early 2011 and is to feature 14 tracks 7 of which are finished. Butch Vig is producing it and it's being done in Dave's garage using a load of Analog recording gear. Bob Mould guests and not only that Krist Novoselic playing bass on one of them too. Oh not only that the album is the "heaviest yet" and there may or may not be a movie in the making about the latest studio offering (Zane stopped Dave from saying to much and cut to a track as Dave looked as though he was about to give away far too much info!).

Now I almost forgot to mention the major thing, 2 UK comeback gigs that are set for July next year. They will play 2 nights on the 2nd and 3rd of July with Biffy Clyro supporting both nights along with Death Cab For Cutie and Tame Impala on the Saturday night followed by Jimmy Eat World and Hot Rats on the Sunday. Tickets are on sale at 9am GMT on the 5th of November. Check out why Dave is known as the nicest guy in rock with the full interview interview below. 

Zane Lowe x Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters Interview (10/25/2010) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Watch] Jimmy Eat World - "My Best Theory"

Let your eyes be graced with the new video from Jimmy Eat World for "My Best Theory". It's for the lead single from their new album Invented which hit's stores next week. You can preorder it over here, and if you missed our post the other day you can stream the entire album prior to it's release if you head in this direction. It's a pretty strange video featuring what appear to be bad guys wearing Daft Punkesque masks, spaceship like surroundings and a chase through the woods with the baddies bearing guns with laser sights. I'll let you witness the ending for yourself and see what you guys make of it.  Check it out above.
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[Listen] Jimmy Eat World - "Invented" Full Album

Courtesy of myspace, today we have the new Jimmy Eat World album, Invented,  for your listening pleasure! The album is out on the 28th of September and you can pre-order it over here. To this day listening to Jimmy Eat World takes me back to being a teenager and thinking the world was against me! If only I knew... Kind of nice to be taken back there with these new songs having the similar roots as earlier albums. You may already have heard their leading single from the album "My Best Theory", if not get familier with that and the rest of the album prior to it being released.! 

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