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[Album Stream] Laura Marling - 'Once I Was An Eagle'

It's safe to say Laura Marling has a damn solid back catalogue, three up until this point, and she's preparing to release her fourth shortly following up 2008's Alas, I Cannot Swim, 2010's beautiful I Speak Because I Can and 2011's A Creature I Don’t Know. On the 28th of May she will drop Once I Was An Eagle, her third album in 4 years! She managed to record the entire new record in 10 days with vocals and acoustic guitars being laid down in just one take! Pretty impressive. You can stream the new effort, which shows another step forward for the ever maturing artist, in all its glory below courtesy of The Guardian

[Watch] Laura Marling - "Once" Live @ BBC 6 Music's 10th Anniversary

A few weeks ago the wonderful BBC 6 Music put on some live shows in London in celebration of their 10th Anniversary! Amongst the sea of talent that performed was the young and very gifted, Laura Marling. Amongst the tracks she played was this little number that TwentyFourBit points out. Titled "Once" it's a number backed by simple folk guitar and Laura's trademark vocal work. Beautiful as always.

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[Watch] Laura Marling - "My Winding Wheel" (Ryan Adams Cover)

We know Laura Marling has a mutual respect for Ryan Adams as we saw them perform a wonderful track together at the legendary Abbey Road Studios back in November last year, and we've also seen some footage from this very show above at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City. However, the two overlap again as Laura played a cover of Adams' "My Winding Wheel" and you can enjoy the performance at the top. I hope the two meet up again for some more performances in the future but this ode to one from the other will do for now.

[Watch] Laura Marling - "All My Rage" (Official Video)

The wonderful Miss Laura Marling gained one hell of a following last year with the release of her critically acclaimed third album A Creature I Don’t Know, and today to make sure we don't all forget her (like we could), she's offered up her official video for "All My Rage". A pretty cute video too as she's accompanied in a sing song by the surrounding toys and ventriloquist dummy. It's like Toy Story but in real life and the dummy doesn't think it can fly (fall with style).

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[Watch] Laura Marling - "Night After Night" Live in NY @ The McKittrick Hotel

Last year, Laura Marling released her beautiful album A Creature I Don't Know which showed a growth from the young singer not just in her music but in the lyricism too. Late last year she hopped over the pond and whilst their she played a show at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City. Today some pro-shot footage of her has hit the net. She's performing "Night After Night" from the aforementioned LP. 

The performance is a joy to watch as Laura picks her trusty acoustic guitar with her soft vocal accompaniment. See for yourselves above.

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[Watch] Laura Marling - "I Was Just A Card" x "Ghosts" Live on Carson Daly

Earlier we posted The Joy Formidable hitting up the stage of Last Call with Carson Daly and The Audio Perv now points towards another artist that's had a wonderful 2011. Laura Marling this year released her highly anticipated album, A Creature I Don't Know much to the delight of many and on Carson Daly she shows her worth with two beautiful performances. First up at the top you can enjoy "I Was Just A Card" while after the jump is a lovely performance of "Ghosts". I'm sure 2012 will hold some great this for Miss Marling. I wouldn't say no to another Ryan Adams collab either. That sounded heavenly.

[Watch] Laura Marling x Ryan Adams - "Oh My Sweet Carolina"

Okay, whether your day is to be spent playing games or sitting around eating copious amounts of food whilst being surrounded by your family. Or maybe you're like me and not in the US and are simply at work and going about your daily business, this video should definitely be added to your to-do list. The video above is of Laura Marling and Ryan Adams who have come together for a recent recording of Channel 4′s Live From Abbey Road. They perform a wonderful rendition of Adams' "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and their voices come together beautifully. This is one thing I'm most definitely thankful for. (via CoS)

[Watch] Laura Marling - "I Was An Eagle" (New Song Live)

It's only been a few months since the world got to enjoy Laura Marling's fourth studio album, A Creature I Don’t Know, yet the young talented lady is busy creating new tracks. Whilst touring her latest LP she's given fans a few new tracks to enjoy in her set list and our friends at TwentyFourBit points to this video here. Recorded at Chicago's Lincoln Hall the track is tentatively titled "I Was An Eagle" and you can watch Laura's vulnerable performance of it at the top.

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