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[Listen] Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) & Joe Trapanese - Razors.Out Feat. Chino Moreno (of Deftones/†††)

Everyone knows how anti-Linkin Park presently due to being a hardcore fan in my teens and just getting aimlessly tired of the lackluster releases they put out in the last few years. So you ask why am I doing yet another post regarding the band? Well, I ran across an email this morning for the upcoming soundtrack for the film The Raid: Redemption not knowing it was Linkin Park related as the first thing that drew me to it was featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones in the subject line. Opening the email, I see that that the track titled "Razors.Out" and score for the film were produced by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and musician Joe Trapanese and I thought "Eh, what the hell. I'll give it try."

Glad I decided to give it a try because the track is pretty dope. It reminds me of production off Linkin Park instrumentals like "Cure for the Itch" and "Session" but mainly their remix album Reanimation (which is still my favorite release from the band) and adds those signature vocals from ††† (Crosses)/Deftones/Team Sleep frontman Chino Moreno that we all know and love and also gives a late 90's nu-metal fan's wet dream in one listen as well as another song with Chino singing about Razors. Mostly, though, as RCRD LBL states, it makes us wistful for the next Deftones album. Check it out below and grab the score here which also features a track with the Get Busy Committee.

[Watch] Linkin Park Cover Adele At iTunes Festival

Last week we saw an acoustic cover from Linkin Park doing their best to sing Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and surprisingly it wasn't half bad. Last night the band performed it again but this time we have some better footage and not a shaky mobile phone upload. You can watch it in a pro shot video at the iTunes Festival in London up at the top via Youtube. The quality is better but is the performance? Chester seemed a little strained for some of the notes in last weeks video and maybe a little here too. Just me?

Prefer the original or do they do it justice? Let us know and if you want to check out the entire performance from LP you can do so here.

[Watch] Linkin Park Cover Adele's "Rolling In The Deep"

So, this actually happened. Linkin Park performed a live acoustic cover of world dominating Adele and her lead single from her album 21, "Rolling In The Deep". The most surprising thing, it's pretty decent and I was expecting it to be, well not so great. It was performed by Mike Shinoda on acoustic guitar while Chester showed his lungs off with the vocals and he does a pretty decent job. It was recorded in Hamburg and you can see the results for yourself at the top via NME.

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[Watch] Live Stream of the 2011 KROQ Weenie Roast Feat. Linkin Park, The Strokes, Foster The People & More

Not in California and wanted to catch this year's KROQ Weenie Roast? No worries. You can peep the full live stream of the show here which features performances from some of your favorites like Linkin Park, Rise Against, The Strokes, Bad Religion, Cage The Elephant, A Day To Remember, Face To Face, Neon Trees, The Airborne Toxic Event, Lykke Li, Foster The People and Young The Giant. Show begins at 2pm PST with Young The Giant.

Check out the full schedule along with the live stream after the jump and you can also join in the discussion over at the Weenie Roast live blog on

KROQ Weenie Roast Webcast:
2:00pm – Young The Giant
2:40pm – Foster The People
3:20pm – Airborne Toxic Event
4:00pm – Neon Trees
5:15pm – Face To Face
5:45pm – A Day To Remember
6:15pm – Cage The Elephant
6:50pm – Bad Religion
7:30pm – The Strokes
8:10pm – Rise Against
9:30pm – Linkin Park

[Download] Linkin Park - "Wretches & Kings" (HavocNdeeD RemiX) Feat. Chuck D of Public Enemy

Okay...I can't hate on this. This is a sweet dubstep remix of LP's "Wretches & Kings" and features the legendary Chuck D. of Public Enemy fame. Rumor has it that Linkin Park is working on a remix album which will include remixes from Diplo, Glitch Mob, The KickDrums, Get Busy Committee and more. Hopefully, there is some truth to this rumor. Anyways, peep the remix below.

Wretches & Kings feat. Linkin Park & Chuck D by The Hundreds

[Listen] Linkin Park - "Iridescent" (Transformers Remix)

Damn, and I thought I would be able to watch the new Transformers movie Linkin Park free. Guess I was wrong. The band has submitted a remix of the track "Iridescent" from their 2010 album A thousand Suns to appear on the soundtrack to the next Transformers film Dark of The Moon. Cutting it a little close there Pink Floyd...I mean Michael Bay. Anyways, check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Linkin Park - "Iridescent" (Remix From The Upcoming Transformers 3 Soundtrack) by Some Kind of Awesome

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[Listen] Linkin Park - "Issho Ni"

Linkin Park have released a new track titled "Issho Ni" (which means Together in Japanese) on the latest Music for Relief Download to Donate album, Tsunami Relief. The band alongside 13 other artists (R.E.M, Plain White T's. Slash and more) involved launch the latest campaign to help provide relief to the people of Japan after the devestating earthquake and tsunami that occured a few weeks ago. Check it out in the player below, the song has that Thom Yorke Eraser-esque sound to it.

Go to to check out the full tracklisting, make a contribution and get the music. It's that simple and its for a good cause.

Linkin Park - Ishho Ni by musicforrelief

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[Listen] Linkin Park - "Wretches & Kings" (Remix) (Feat Get Busy Committee & Divine Styler)

Linkin Park are often up for the remix treatment and always have been with their use of samples and heavy beats paired with Mike's rap like attacking of the vox. Remember that nice Glitch Mob remix a few month's ago of "Waiting For The End". That was a humdinger.

Take a listen to this remix from Get Busy Committee & Divine Styler who have reworked their track "Wretches and Kings" which featured on their most recent album A Thousand Suns, and although the album picked up mixed reviews, this remix has some replay value and got me feeling kinda upbeat after a hard days work. It was also one of the first tracks we got a preview of from their album back in September and brought hope to the fans after a few weaker previews and releases. This remix does it justice too.

Check it out below, while you can. 

Linkin Park - "Wretches & Kings" (Remix) (Feat Get Busy Committee & Divine Styler) by Some Kind of Awesome