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[SONG OF THE DAY] Mason - "Drowning In Your Love (feat. Jem Cooke)

Amsterdam producer Mason very casually launched a banger into the universe on Friday and I wish I had been more adequately prepared because “Drowning In Your Love” packs quite the glittery disco punch. The track features vocal stylings from London singer-songwriter Jem Cooke, who from the looks of her Spotify profile has been on her hustling A-game because she’s got hella features. Def going to be keeping tabs on her whereabouts ESPECIALLY when Mason has nothing but wonderful things to say about her on Facebook.

And with that, your Monday has briefly transformed into feeling like a Friday. You’re welcome.

Fri May 24 - Drop Hong Kong
Sat May 25 - Pepper Shenzhen China
Sun May 25 - Vinyl House Shenzhen China
Th May 30 - Octagon Tokyo Japan
Sat June 01 - Soap, Seoul S-Korea

[SONG OF THE DAY] Mason - "Disruptor"


It’s officially October because I’m so overwhelmed with everything that dropped today but in the spirit of making sure you can dance your way through the weekend I am leaving you with the latest from Dutch DJ Mason, “Disruptor”.
For over twenty years now Mason has had this “fuck you I’m doing it my way” approach to both music and the industry, which has in turn made him into one hell of a musician. His sound is so wonderfully eccentric and distinctive that you always know when a new track drops it’s going to be catchy quirky little banger and “Disruptor” is very much that.

The single comes with 2 remixes from the likes of Pimpo Gama and Malikk as well as a single edit in case you don’t have a minute and a half extra to be a proper house head.

Happy weekend!

[Download] Toto - "Africa (Mason's Re-Jig)"

Hi hi I'm not dead I have just been super busy between switching jobs and MOVING BACK TO BROOOOKKKKLLLLLLYYYNNNN that um you know gushing to the internet about music on any platform but twitter dot com gets to be a bit time consuming tbh. 

Anywho, I have played this an embarrassing number of times today but it has made me so fucking happy that I ain't even mad tho. If you have been following along with Mason you'll have noticed that he really stepped up his internetting and recently asked his fans what song he should remix next. Apparently there was an overwhelming number of requests for Toto's 1982 classic, "Africa" and let me tell y'all the dude D E L I V E R E D. 

Don't take my word for it, have a listen below. 

BTW - amongst his stellar internetting he's also been doing a weekly mixshow podcast thing called The Animal Language Show. He's currently 16 weeks strong and each show runs about an hour of danceable delights. Definitely worth a listen if you're looking to dance and dig up new tunes. 

More soon promise! 

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[Listen] Mason - "Toucan"
I mean just from this press photo we can already tell that Mason is future #SKOAfam amirite?

I mean just from this press photo we can already tell that Mason is future #SKOAfam amirite?

yoooooo the sun is shining in NYC and I just found my new favorite track to strut my stuff to! 

Enter: producer/DJ/label owner Mason hailing from Amsterdam! In a completely serendipitous moment I happened to catch BBC R1 Dance's tweet about another song of his, "Rhino" (which I cannot find a full version of on BBC but there is this clip). Being the curious person I am when the BBC claims something is the "Hottest Record In The World " I decided to look into this gentleman myself and WOW WOW WOW WOW there is so much goodness going on that I can't wait to spend some quality time this evening going through all of it. 

In addition to what has me dancing in my chair to presently, "Toucan", Mason also has a label called Animal Language, which appears will be chocked full of artists I will soon be gushing about based on the few clips I checked out on Soundcloud

I will report back with more findings once I dig into this but MY EARS ARE JUST SO HAPPY I HAD TO SHARE AS SOON AS I COULD! 

Listen to "Toucan" below! 

SO!? Do we love or do we L 😍 V E!?!?!?! 

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