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[Download] The Stepkids - "Suburban Dream (Union Remix)" Feat. Pharoahe Monch & Homeboy Sandman

If you haven't been paying much attention to The Stepkids, YOU NEED TO BE! Seriously, these guys rocked our CMJ showcase last year with their awesome visuals and soulful tunes. Now the band is set to hit the road with none other than soulful crooner Mayer Hawthorne which is like a match made in soulful indie heaven. In celebration of their upcoming tour, the band has released Union's remix of their single "Surburban Dream" featuring Pharoahe Monch and Stones Throw labelmate Homeboy Sandman. Peep the track out below and hit the jump to check out the dates for their upcoming tour with Mayer Hawthorne.

Download MP3 - The Stepkids "Suburban Dream (Union Remix)" 

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[Watch] Mayer Hawthorne - "The Walk" Feat. Rizzle Kicks 

A rainy day in London town is the setting for the visual to Mayer Hawthorne's new version of his track "The Walk" which he released last year. The newly re-vamped version now features Rizzle Kicks. The duo and Mayer, skit their way around Carnaby Street whilst telling a blonde lady of interest (former interest more likely!) that she can indeed, walk right out of their lives. A nice new take on the track and an entertaining video to boot.


[SKOA Presents] The 50 Best Albums Of 2011: 25 - 21

25. Theophilus London - Timez Are Weird These Days [Amazon] [iTunes] [Insound]

Following up his critically acclaimed mixtape/unofficial album, This Charming Mixtape and his A Lovers Holiday EP earlier in the year, fashionable rapper Theophilus London earned our undivided attention on his proper debut full length release, Timez Are Weird These Days. I have enjoyed watching London develop over the past few years as he continues to evolve and challenge himself to break new ground. Older fans will appreciate that he didn't stray too far away from what we've grown to love about him while newcomers will find the album approachable enough to dive right in alongside the rest of us. There are many quality tracks that I will continue to rock into the new year, including: "Wine and Chocolates", "I Stand Alone", "Last Name London", "Girls Girls $", and "Lighthouse".—Kibbe

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[Watch] Mayer Hawthorne - "Dreaming" (Video)

So the last time I tried to go to Chuck E Cheese they told me I was too old and I needed to be accompanied by a little kid in order to get in, so I'm not sure how Mayer Hawthorne got away with as much as he did in his new video for "Dreaming". All I know is that cheerleader mouse girl still creeps me out to this day.

How Do You Do is in available on iTunes.


[Download] Mayer Hawthorne - "Christmas Time Is Here"

I can't stop posting all of these fun Christmas songs! It's like a sickness! Today's holiday tune comes from How Do You Do crooner Mayer Hawthorne with his ultra smooth take on "Christmas Time Is Here". Hearing this makes me picture what it would be like if Hawthorne had a holiday special of his very own, but way more awesome than Michael Buble's. Do we think Snoop Dogg would make an appearance? Somehow I can't get the image of sexy ladies in Santa suits firing red and green guns at each other over a present a la "The Walk" video.

Mayer Hawthorne - Christmas time is here by pixelsamurai


[Listen] Peter, Bjorn & John - "Dig A Little Deeper" (Mayer Hawthorne Remix)

This was a nice surprise that came up earlier in the week. SKoA's favorite crooner Mayer Hawthorne remixes one of our favorite tracks from PB&J's latest album Gimme Some. Check out the remix for "Dig A Little Deeper" below and get your soulful dance on and if you haven't heard or picked up either Peter, Bjorn & John's latest album Gimme Some or Mayer Hawthorne's amazing, recently released sophomore album How Do You Do, you honestly need to get your head examined because you are missing out on some fine tuneage. Anyways, enjoy.


[Watch] Mayer Hawthorne - "The Walk" (Behind The Scenes)

With how intense (but amusing) the video for "The Walk" was, I'm glad to see this behind the scenes footage to put my mind at ease that Mayer Hawthorne did not injure anyone or was not injured in the making of this music video.

Please make sure you walk on over to your local record store or walk your fingers over to iTunes and grab How Do You Do. The album is nothing short of ultra smooth.


[Watch] Mayer Hawthorne - "The Walk" Live on Letterman

Last night, Mayer Hawthorne took himself and the compulsory pair of sunglasses to the Ed Sullivan Theater to visit David Letterman. Whilst there he put in a nice performance of "The Walk" from How Do You Do which you can watch at the top of the page courtesy of The Audio Perv.