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[Listen] MellowHype - "Decoy"

As we await the release of MellowHype's upcoming album, Numbers, Hodgy and Left Brain have taken to the intenet to fittingly dub this week 'Mellow Hype Week' and will be releasing new music in anticipation of the album release next month. Shortly after dubbing this week with an apt title, Hodgy took to Twitter again to drop "Decoy" which can be streamed below.

Numbers is scheduled to be released on the 9th of October.

[Watch] MellowHype - "La Bonita" (Official Video)

Hodgy Beats and Left Brain's collaborative side project MellowHype has a new video for the single "La Bonita", visuals that Hodgy Beats insists "ain’t only for the Spanish girls". "La Bonita" is the lead single off of MellowHype's upcoming album Numberswhich is due out on October 9th via Odd Future Records. Peep the replay above to see a Mariachi band wearing badass lucha libre mask.

[Watch] MellowHype - "La Bonita" (Official Video)

Not too long ago we go to hear a brand new track from Hodgy and Left Brain in their project MellowHype. Titled "La Bonita" it showed a growth from the duo. Progression is good and today we get to enjoy the visual accompaniment features a monochrome Day of the Dead feel with plenty of face-paint. The track will feature on their new album, Numbers, which is set for release on October 9th via Odd Future Records.

[Listen] MellowHype - "La Bonita"

This feels like a nice step forward for MellowHype aka Left Brain and Hodgy Beats of Odd Future. Offering up a new track called "La Bonita" which is set to appear on their forthcoming project Numbers the duo seems ot have grown a little with their musical project. Hodgy pushes is vocal ability in this one and I really enjoyed it. See if you agree below.

Numbers drops on October 2nd. (Via Hypetrak)


[Listen] Hodgy Beats / MellowHigh - "BKLYN" x "Lift" Feat. Juicy J

Members of the Odd Future gang seem to be grinding hard these past few weeks and two new Hodgy Beats featuring tracks have appeared online over the past few days adding more evidence to the formwr statement. First up is a track titled "BKLYN" which features production credits from Thelonious Martin. Hodgy let the track loose via his usual method of hitting up his Tumblr page. The second track is from MellowHigh, MellowHype + Domo Genesis. The track also features a helping hand from Juicy J. Spin them both below and look alive as it would appear these guys are going to be releasing multiple projects this year under a few different monkers.



[Listen] Mellowhype - "45"

Making sure they're not slipping out of our minds, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain aka Mellowhype have offered up a new track by the name of "45". Hodgy did his usual trick of appearing on Tumblr and letting the fans enjoy it in full. The laid back number sees some minimal beats and synth with Hodgy laying down a few bars on top. Not a bad morning listen if you're still a little fragile. They also say that the new Mellowhype project Numbers should be getting announced soon. More on that as and when we have it.