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[SONG OF THE DAY] Moontower - "Lay With Me"

LA trio Moontower have resurfaced with a new single, “Lay With Me” and an accompanying “official world record breaking'“ lyric video. Said record breaking video the band each crushing a bag of Lay’s potato chips in four minutes and seven seconds (paired with….Sunny D? 🤢imma pray for y’all what the actual fuck lol).

The band is hitting the road on the west coast with The Driver Era starting on Monday. More informations is available over on their website.

I’m still thinking about what salt & vinegar chips paired with Sunny D tastes like and like

[SONG OF THE DAY] Moontower - "Long Hair"

Happiest of happy Fridays my loves!

As you bop your way into the weekend make sure you include LA trio Moontower’s latest single, “Long Hair” into you party playlists. “Long Hair” is the finale in a three-single narrative, following “William” and “Leaving You Behind”. The story unfolds with the tale of William Hollywood, a young man from suburban California who’s on a quest to rescue the love of his life (“William”) but ends up learning that unrequited love will haunt you no matter how far you try to run (“Leaving You Behind”). Fortunately *spoiler alert* the story ends (“Long Hair”) with William gaining his groove back and defiantly telling off any haters that cross his path. The band says simply of the track, “'Long Hair' is a song about letting go of people who told you you would never be anything.” 

The band first met as students at USC's music program where they spent a year writing music and building custom staging and lighting before welcoming listeners into the Moontower world. Inspired by the Moonlight Towers from Richard Linklater's "Dazed And Confused," Moontower seeks to build a surrealist, come as you are community around their music and over the last 8 months the trio have been transforming backyards and living rooms all over Southern California with their one of a kind live show doing just that. 

Fingers crossed that they’ll be bringing those vibes to the best coast v v v soon.