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[Listen] Morly - "The Choir"

After falling hard for Minneapolis producer/songwriter Morly last year with her EP, In Defense of My Muse, the songstress is back to tug at my heart strings some more. This time around, after the majority of the EP showcasing her production abilities, this new song, "The Choir", prominently features her soothing vocal stylings. Her minimalist approach to layering textures conjures these icy anthems that somehow manage to make you feel like you're wrapped up in a warm blanket but with a shiver up your spine. 

Grab a blanket and brace yourself for goosebumps folks: 

If you haven't heard In Defense Of My Muse, yet you should probably get on that as well: 

[Listen] Morly - "And Sooner Than We Know It..."

If you are on the hunt for tons of texture with seemingly minimal effort, Minnesota producer/singer-songwriter Morly is just what you need. I love how every element of her latest song, "And Sooner Than We Know It..." feels intentional all the way down to the way she leverages her own vocals as another thin layer of ice to what was already an incredibly chill track. 

"And Sooner Than We Know It..." comes from her forthcoming debut EP, In Defense Of My Muse, which drops on August 14th courtesy of CASCINE

Should you find yourself thirsty for, uh.....more....Morly you should definitely have a listen to her previously released tracks "Malestrom" (from Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs compilation) and "Seraphase" (which is on the EP as well) to hold you over until her EP drops.