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[Listen] Deadmau5 - "Professional Griefers" Feat. Gerard Way

Last year at Lollapalooza, Deadmau5 debuted a brand new cut called "Professional Griefers". That was nearly a full year ago! Now the man himself has taken to Youtube to upload a preview of the track that features Gerard Way of My Chemical romance on vocal duties. Check out the preview at the top. It's set to be released on the 2nd of September.

Deadmau5's new EP The Veldt is out now

[Watch] My Chemical Romance Joined By Brian May At Reading Festival

With Festivals and big shows their tends to be a lot of collaborations that may not normally happen under normal circumstances, and this was one of this weekends. Brian May of Queen joined My Chemical Romance on stage to help them perform "Welcome To The Black Parade" and "We Will Rock You", the former of which is viewable at the top via Youtube user 111Cazza. According to NME the unlikely pairing came about when Gerard sent Brian an email saying: 

"I wrote an email to Brian after getting his email off [producer] Rob Cavallo. There was this story that you played a show in Paris and got booed off and Freddie said, 'We’re gonna come back and be the biggest band in the world'. And after what happened to us at Reading in 2006 [when they were bottled], people would ask us, 'Are you gonna do that again? [play the festival]' and I’d go, 'Not unless we're headlining it.'"

Turns out MCR were asked to headline it this year and, well, you can see the results for yourself at the top.

[Watch] My Chemical Romance - "The Kids From Yesterday" x "DESTROYA" Live on Jimmy Fallon

My Chemical Romance had a busy few months at the start of the year following the release of their latest studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Last night they were at it again with a visit to the studio of Jimmy Fallon to put in two performances, one of which was a web exclusive. First up at the top you can watch them performing "The Kids From Yesterday" whilst after the jump you can enjoy "DESTROYA". Thanks to The Audio Perv for the video support.

 Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys is available for you to pick up over here.

[Watch] My Chemical Romance - "Sing" Live at Radio One's Big Weekend

My Chemical Romance have had a busy few months in promotion for their latest studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Over the weekend the band played a set prior to Lady Gaga at Radio One's Big Weekend to a packed out main stage tent. The band performed a set comprising of both new and old tracks including "Helena", "I'm Not Okay", "Teenagers" and "Sing".

For now you can enjoy "Sing" up at the top courtesy of the official BBC R1 youtube page. UK readers can head on over to the Official Big Weekend site and check out a half an hour higlights set. If more videos become available fro the full set we'll throw 'em up, but the Beeb are on top of these videos like a fly on something stinky.

[Watch] My Chemical Romance - "Sing" (Sing It For Japan Version)

My Chemical Romance are doing their bit for the Japanese Tsunami relief efforts and yesterday offered up an alternate version of their single, "Sing". The song will be released and all proceeds will go to Red Cross Japan, along with the messages of support you can see in the Video up at the top from fans that Ray asked to help out in his blog post:

"We'd like to send messages of hope to Japan from people all over the world. We're asking for you to send video, pictures, drawings or written messages to the people of Japan. Go wherever your creativity and heart takes you."

If you take a look on twitter you may notice the has tag #SINGItForJapan appearing from time to time this inspired Ray to ask his band mates as to what they could do to benefit Japan. They re-worked the track and here it is for you to enjoy. To check out Ray's full post just head on over here.

[Listen] My Chemical Romance - "Common People" (Pulp Cover) on Radio One's Live Lounge

I remember a few years back when My Chemical Romance first shot to fame and did a cover of Blur's "Song 2" and it was better than you would of expected. Today they popped by Fearne Cotton's show to chat about them playing below Lady Gaga at this years Big Weekend in Carlisle and after the general chit chat they got down to business and performed a cover. The New Jersey boys must have a thing for Brit Pop as this time around they covered the classic from Pulp, "Common People". Check it out below in all of its glory. A pretty damn good cover and that's coming from a brit. Credit where credit is due.

My Chemical Romance - "Common People" (Pulp Cover) by Some Kind of Awesome

[News] Radio One's Big Weekend Main Stage Lineup Revealed; Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga...

Every year Radio One put on their 'Big Weekend' at which a range of artists play slots to fans all who have won tickets for the event. I personally won tickets one year and the atmosphere is great due to everyone having a free weekend watching some great bands it truly is a little bit special. You may not like the entire lineup due to it being mainly Radio One plugged artists, and we wouldn't blame you. However with the amount of bands set to play there's always a stage to enjoy something at.

This year they announced, literally within the past hour, that Foo Fighters would be headlining the Saturday, with My Chemical Romance topping the bill on the Sunday. Then throughout both days on the main stage there's the likes of Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Chase and Status, Ellie Goulding, Jessie J, Black Eyed Peas, Nicole Sherzinger, Professor Green, Katy B, The Wombats, The Script along with a few others. That's just the main stage, throughout the week the other stages will be announced on numerous Radio One shows so keep your eyes peeled as we'll update this as and when. You can see the announced line up so far over here. Tickets are often given out in a raffle style way, or to loyal listeners of Radio One, and you enter competitions and what not. It's hard to get tickets but it's definitely worth a shot for a weekend full of free music. For now why not enjoy some footage of Muse playing the weekend a few years back.

UPDATE: Lady Gaga has just been announced too! For a free festival some of its performers rival those of major UK festivals. Just sayin'.

[Listen] My Chemical Romance - "Planetary (GO!)" (Lags Remix)

When this first dropped into the inbox I double took as I knew Laurent Barnard AKA Lags from Gallows did the occasional bit of on the side music making, but I didn't know he did remixes of this calibre. It's nice to see that a guy in such an in your face band has this kind of side project on the go and isn't half bad at it to boot! Here we have his remix of My Chemical Romance's latest single "Planetary (GO!)" and you could hear the track getting played in many a club into the early hours as well as on mainstream radio nowadays. Check it out for yourselves below.