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[Watch] Check Out Nardwuar and ?uestlove's 46-minute Interview

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is loved by many, conducting interviews intelligently and offering plenty of gifts to those lucky musicians. On the other hand, there are many people out there who can't stand the quirky Canadian. In this particular case, though, I urge everyone to press play. Nardwuar recently interviewed ?uestlove (of The Roots and Jimmy Fallon fame), with the whole interview lasting a mind-boggling 46 minutes. During their time together the two discuss a ton of different topics, and you'll likely learn a lot from these knowledgeable gentleman. Check it out below.

[Watch] Nardwuar vs. M83

When M83 visited Vancouver back in April, the city's resident weirdo and interview aficionado Nardwuar the Human Serviette made sure to stop by to ask Anthony Gonzalez as many pressing questions as possible. The result? Gonzalez was, like many of Nardwuar's interviewees, stunned by his impressive knowledge and research, and reacted only with confusion to Nardwuar's signature sign-off. If you're a fan of M83, the interview is definitely worth the watch.

[Watch] Nardwuar Interviews Kendrick Lamar and Grimes

Nardwaur the Human Serviette seemed to have had an extremely busy South by Southwest, having interviewed Danny Brown, Action Bronson, and A$AP Rocky. Now, even more of the Vancouver native's festival interviews have surfaced, this time around with rapper Kendrick Lamar and fellow Vancouverite Grimes. Check out the quirky interviewer working his magic in the video above, with Kendrick Lamar, and after the jump, with Grimes. It seems the Human Serviette's status is on the rise, seeing as even GQ decided to do a piece on him.

[Watch] Nardwuar Interviews A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson and Danny Brown

Vancouver's quirky and wacky personality Nardwuar the Human Serviette was a busy man during South by Southwest, having found time to charm the pants off A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson and Danny Brown with a slew of random gifts and knowledge that no one else would have been able to get away with. Check out the Danny Brown interview above, while the Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky interviews are available to watch after the jump.

[News] Nardwuar the Human Serviette Set to Release Album in March

When I first saw this story circling around a few days ago I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. It's hard to deny Nardwuar has incredible interview skills and his research methods are unique; some of the things he finds/knows about the artists that he interviews is insane. N.E.R.D.'s Pharrell enjoyed his interview so much he rang Jay-Z and told him that he had to get an interview with Nardwuar whenever he visited town. That did happen once upon a time, and even though Jay-Z looked to be a little too high to fully respect the effort put in by the Human Serviette, it was still insane to see.

To the story in hand, Nardwuar is planning to release a collection titled Busy Doing Nothing and it'll feature new music from the likes of Franz Ferdinand & The Cribs. Two UK bands I'm eager to hear new material from. As well as them, party lover Andrew W.K. will be on the release and Kate Nash too. Nardwuar’s own band The Evaporators are also set to appear on the collection.  It's set for release on the 6th of March via Mint Records

If you're unaware of who the heck this Nardwuar is take a look at the video after the jump in which he chats with Pharrell and Shay of N.E.R.D.