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[Listen] Daft Punk feat. Pharrell and Nile Rodgers - "Get Lucky"

Forget all those unofficial edits of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," delete them from your music library, because this is the real deal. At 12:01am this morning, the French robots' much hyped single hit iTunes. Pharrell's smooth vocals play around Nile Rodgers' funky guitar licks, while deep basslines are met with echoing claps and subtle piano keys. It's fantastic disco-inspired electro. Daft Punk are clearly back in full force. Stream the official radio edit of "Get Lucky" below, or grab it on iTunes or Amazon.

Random Access Memories is out on May 21st.

[Watch] Daft Punk Preview New Song "Get Lucky," Featuring Pharrell, at Coachella and on SNL

Continuing the Daft Punk bombardment, the French duo have unveiled a short preview of their much-teased song "Get Lucky". First appearing on screens across the Coachella grounds a few nights ago, the video featured Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers performing over a minute of the track. That's a lot longer than the 15-second previews we've been seeing, and this extended teaser sounds freakin' fantastic. Last night, a high quality version of the teaser aired during Saturday Night Live, which you can watch below.


The teaser video also revealed some other notable mentions, namely the full list of collaborators featured on Random Access Memories. We already knew names like Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, Pharrell, Chilly Gonzales and Panda Bear were contributing to the album, but it seems a few more names can be added to that list. The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas and DJ Falcon will also be adding their talents to what will certainly be an incredible album. As well, this fits with the supposedly confirmed tracklist for Random Access Memories. Take a look at below.

Random Access Memories Tracklist:
1. “Give Life Back to Music” (featuring Nile Rodgers)
2. “The Game of Love”
3. “Giorgio by Moroder” (featuring Giorgio Moroder)
4. “Within” (featuring Chilly Gonzales)
5. “Instant Crush” (featuring Julian Casablancas)
6. “Lose Yourself to Dance” (featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers)
7. “Touch” (featuring Paul Williams)
8. “Get Lucky” (featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers)
9. “Beyond”
10. “Motherhood”
11. “Fragments of Time” (featuring Todd Edwards)
12. “Doin’ It Right” (featuring Panda Bear)
13. “Contact” (featuring DJ Falcon)

[Watch] Daft Punk Release Next Episode in Collaborators Video Series, Featuring Nile Rodgers

Holy crap. Taking a few days off for exams and essays, I didn't notice the barrage of Daft Punk news that has hit the web. First up is a new addition to the duo's ongoing video series, which focuses on the plentiful collaborators they've secured for their upcoming album Random Access Memories. The latest video features Chic frontman Nile Rodgers, who spends his screentime discussing his notable collaborations as well as recording time with Daft Punk at New York's Electric Lady Studios:

I feel like I’m working with contemporaries, with people who grew up with me and feel it the same way we felt the vibe when we were creating this stuff. They went back to go forward."

Check out the video below, and make sure to watch the first two featuring Giorgio Moroder and Todd Edwards.

In more Daft Punk news, a DJ from French radio station Fun Radio took to Twitter a few days ago, hinting at the premiere of a new Daft Punk single tomorrow, April 15th. Here's the tweet:

It's not confirmed, but given the amount of Daft Punk reveals these past few days it's definitely a possibility. Stay tuned.

[News] Nile Rodgers Confirms Collaboration with Daft Punk

Nile Rodgers, better known as the frontman of Chic and one of the pioneers of disco-funk, revealed to Culture Map Houston on Monday that he would be collaborating with Daft Punk, the most famous robots in electronic music: "Those guys are great. They’re coming to my apartment on Monday and we’re going to talk about making a new record together.” Last night, Rodgers discussed the collaboration further with Faster Louder, saying, “We were just jamming at my house, but it’s gonna be proper and real. They came over to my today around breakfast time and it’s now evening I basically had to almost kick them out. We were having so much fun just in an informal setting that we decided to make it formal. And it’s very formal. It’s gonna be amazing.”

While Rodgers was vague on specifics, he speak about his relationship with the French duo, saying, "It’s funny I’ve known Daft Punk for some time now but we were never really close – we never got a chance to hang out with each other, we would just meet in passing,” he happily continued. “So today was the first chance we had to spend hours and hours together and it was just so awesome. Every track they played I just ran across the room and got my guitar and started playing and we were all dancing around my dining room having the time of our lives."

While this is little to go on, it seems that the long awaited fourth studio album from Daft Punk will see the light of day, hopefully by the year's end. Expect more news to surface regarding the album and their collaboration with Nile Rodgers in the coming months.