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[#SKOA30] Day 4: A Song You’ve Probably Performed The Most At Karaoke

Most NYers go through this one phase where you pile into karaoke bars like all the time, specifically the ones with the private rooms, and get really fucking weird in there. IMO the best ones are in Little Korea because most are byob, they’re less fussy about how rowdy you get, and the books of songs are thicccccccc af.

That said, if your standard janky ass karaoke spot in middle America doesn’t have No Doubt’s iconic “Just A Girl” GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE AND DON’T LOOK BACK.

It’s an absolute no brainer for me karaoke. I’ve loved this song so hard for so long that I can practically sing it BACKWARDS if you needed me to. If the liquid courage hasn’t hit my fellow karaoke participants yet and are feeling a little shy, I have this Ace up my sleeve to get everyone else loosened up. Once I’m done essentially humiliating myself to this song, I guess everyone else figures it can’t get any worse than that.

It’s not that I’m tone deaf, but I bet you’d be surprised to hear that I’m a real ham at karaoke. The second the cheesy ass title card flashes on the screen and I’ve got that mic in my hand for this one I immediately transform into Gwen Stefani with her 3 millimeter thick eyebrows, problematic bindi, cropped tank top, and bondage pants. For 24 years now (wow) I have felt this song all the way down to the tips of my toes, resulting in my delivery of the song to be absolutely ridiculous. If anyone ever recorded me doing this song I’d probably have to murder them (or at the very least steal their phone and wipe that video from existence immediately). I get sassy. I get in your face. I twirl my hair, look all innocent as I sing, “I’m just a girl,” before wailing, “THAT’S ALL THAT YOU’LL LET ME BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I go full Gwen, minus the pushups.

It’s….certainly something lmfao.

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[Watch] No Doubt - "Push and Shove" (Official Video)

No Doubt returned last week with Push and Shove, the follow-up to 2001's Rock Steady and first album in over eleven years. The title track for the album was produced by DJ extraordinaire Diplo, whose Brazilian influence translated into a pretty solid song from No Doubt. The song now has an official video, which focuses on the drunken black-and-white antics of the band. Check out the video, directed by the band's longtime collaborator, Sophie Muller, above.

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[Watch] No Doubt - "Settle Down" Live on Fallon

No Doubt dropped their new single "Settle Down" last week and it got a lot of people quite excited, Kibbe was thrown back into a childish like state because of it. Last night Gwen and the gang took to the stage on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to put in a performance of the track for the masses. Check it out at the top courtesy of The Audio Perv and get excited for their forthcoming LP, Push And Shove, which is slated for a September 25th release on Interscope.

[Listen] No Doubt - "Settle Down"

After 11 years of nothing from one of my childhood favorites, No Doubt has finally come out of hibernation with their first single, "Settle Down". The single comes from their forthcoming album Push And Shove, which is slated for a September 25th release on Interscope. The album follows 2001's Rocksteady, which kid of displaced me as a fan because I wasn't ready to take the huge leap. I am happy to report, however, that I have found my way home into the loving arms of the California four-piece.

I have to say, I couldn't be more pleased with "Settle Down" (I mean I could if they totally went the way of Tragic Kingdom or Return Of Saturn, but we all have to let that go). They've still stuck with a good bit of the Rock Steady sound but it feels like they took some time to remember that they put out other records that weren't always so heavy on the pop and dancehall sound, which is most obvious in the chorus. At any rate, it's genuinely just a fun song to listen to and could not have come at a better time in the summer.

UPDATE: Below, you can stream the song along with its official accompanying music video.


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[News] No Doubt Titles Reunion Album 'Push and Shove'

According to an issued press release, the Gwen Stefani-led ska outfit No Doubt will be returning on September 25th with their first album in over a decade. The album is titled Push and Shove and the first single, "Settle Down," will be released on July 16th. As well, the accompanying video for the lead single will be directed by Sophie Muller and will also be released next month.

For more details regarding Push and Shove, head over to the band's official website.

[News] Bid on Deftones "You've Seen The Butcher" video items

Deftones have put up some items from the "You've Seen The Butcher" video which you can check out above if you are yet to watch it. The items are being auctioned off to benefit OneLiveForChi and you can see what's up for grabs over here on the Charity Buzz website. As well as items from the video there is a special donation of a No Doubt Hoody and Guitar signed by the entire band.

Bidding began back in December but you have until Tuesday the 11th of January at 4pm EST to get in your bids, so go grab a peice of memorabilia for a good cause. Deftones' latest album Diamond Eyes made it into our top 5 in our 2010 album's list, which you can take a look at over here. 
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