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[Download] Noah Kittinger - All I Know"

Good news everyone! I've stopped avoiding the Soundcloud inbox! Honestly I've been avoiding basically all SKOA inboxes like the plague lately because the increasing unread messages that I can't get to give me major anxiety.

I'm happy to report, however, that while testing the waters to see if I could re-train my brain to not be so stressed out that something wonderful happened: I had a mini-SKOA Family reunion! 

Nashville based Noah Kittinger used to go by the name BEDROOM. The homey Adrian extensively showed it all of the love throughout its existence. And rightfully so, the sleepy melancholic jams that I've since rediscovered were as befitting for love as they were the project's name. 

At any rate, Kittinger has re-emerged, this time choosing to release new songs under his own name. Of the two that he's released so far, "All I Know" quickly became my favorite. I especially love his minimalist approach and how the song manages to be effortlessly peppy despite how distressing the lyrics are. 

Kittinger is currently prepping an EP that's slated for a spring/summer release. In the meantime, peep "All I Know" below. Be sure to also check out "N.Y.E" in addition to his BEDROOM creations.