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[Listen] Domo Genesis - "Benediction"

Domo Genesis, the resident stoner from OFWGKTA has premiered a new track via Shade 45 and the good people over at Hypetrak have ripped it from the radio and now you big tokers can give it a listen below. The song is titled "Benediction" and is pretty nice from start to finish. Maybe it's just the classic Mobb Deep backing but hey, we'll see what Domo is made of when Under The Influence drops next week on the 20th of September.

Domo Genesis - Benediction (Radio Rip) by Hypetrak

[Listen] Pusha T - "Trouble On My Mind" Feat. Tyler, The Creator (Prod. By The Neptunes)

Why hello new Pusha T x Tyler collab! let loose the new Neptunes produced Pusha T single "Trouble On My Mind" featuring Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator a bit ahead of schedule according to Pusha's tweet. Early or not this single is a fuckin banger.

The track is set to appear on Pusha's Fear Of God Part 2: Let Us Pray coming August 23rd on G.O.O.D. Music / Decon / Re-Up Gang. The single comes out this Tuesday on iTunes. Makes sure you keep your eyes peeled for the "Trouble On My Mind" music video premiering exclusively on next week.

[Watch] Tyler, The Creator - "Transylvania" (Unofficial Video)

Once again an official video I can watch and not just dismiss upon seeing the word 'unofficial', not that people should do that anyway, you know? Anyway, the High 5 Collective are gathering more and more exposure with them previously getting noticed for their Frank Ocean's "We All try" video along with another vid for The Weeknd, they're definitely on peoples radars. Offered up today is their latest creation, a disturbing clip to accompany a disturbing song, Tyler, The Creator's "Transylvania".

Check it out at the top for another worthy unofficial video via Hypetrak and look out for another installment from these guys on the 5th of July with a video for DIOYY?. 

[Watch] Mellowhype - "64" (Video)

I've been waiting to hear the studio version of Mellowhype's "64" since their live performance with Bass Drum of Death on Fuel TV's The Daily Habit back in April.

Now you can peep Hodgy and Left Brain's first music video ever of "64" which is featured on the re-issue of the group's sophomore album, BlackenedWhite. The video is pretty trippy, and takes place at Hodgy Beats’ funeral the transforms into everything you've seen in a suspense horror movie within the last 5 years (mainly The Ring). Check it out above and if you haven't already picked up the LP when it was free on Odd Future's site, you can pre-order it now over at Fat Possum Record’s website.

[Watch] Tyler, The Creator - "She" Feat. Frank Ocean (Video)

So Tyler's Goblin came and went but sold really well due to all the hype surrounding OFWGKTA. Even though I wasn't a fan of the album, those dudes can tear up a live show. Check out the creepily romantic video for "She" featuring Frank Ocean, which was one of my favorite cuts from Goblin, a bit earlier than its June 9th premiere courtesy of Pigeons & Planes and OnSmash.

[Listen] Hodgy Beats New Track, "April 27"

I saw Hodgy Beats of OFWGKTA tweeting his excitement earlier in the week with regards to a new song he'd just laid down. He then followed it up saying he'd put up the new cut on his Tumblr. Apparently it's produced by Michael Uzowuru and has been called “April 27″. Check it out below courtesy of his tumblr page and look out for more news on Hodgy's solo stuff. We already had news of the re-release of MellowHype's BlackenedWhite earlier in the week. I wonder what else 2011 has in store for him.

[News] MellowHype To Re-Release 'BlackenedWhite'

OFWGKTA boys Hodgy Beats and Left Brain aka MellowHype are set to physically release BlackenedWhite on July 12th via Fat Possum Records. It'll be available to hold in your hands on both CD and LP and it will feature some extras to tempt you into copping it. CoS reports that it will feature the never released “64″ as well as some extra tracks and videos. Give something extra and you need to take something else away too. It seems that the Earl featuring track "Chordaro" will not feature. Maybe the supposed Sweatshirt statement not too long ago was legit and he's had enough and wants no more to do with the whole Odd Future fiasco? Head on over to the OFWGKTA Tumblr for more deets.