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#skoaradio 10/31/2015 liner notes
When a new song comes out of nowhere and suddenly becomes your favorite.

When a new song comes out of nowhere and suddenly becomes your favorite.

Happy Halloween broadband buds!
Gotta say, the jams in this week's #skoaradio are so good it's SCARY! hahahaha oh boy am I bad at #relevantcontent sometimes but WE'RE HERE TO TALK MUSIC ANYWAYS SO WHATEVER. I dug up some spooktacular new tunes this week from Sinden, The 1975, Jamie Woon, MALAA, and more so it's a pretty damn good mixtape if I do say so myself. Lots of new music out this week so I hope you weren't planning on buying your family any expensive Christmas gifts because you're about to exceed your budget on music for the zillionth time.

Don't forget you can grab the Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post so you can treasure the order I painstakingly put these songs in. Or you can hit shuffle. Whatever.

Until next week!



[Listen] of Montreal - "Belle Glade Missionaries"

How about some brand new of Montreal to start off your Friday in good spirits? The band are preparing to release lousy with sylvianbriar next month on October 8th. In preparation of the release they've let loose a tune call "Belle Glade Missionaries" which is a more than slightly sounding rock throwback that I can more than get down to. Retro is the future I'm telling you. Plus everything's already been done. Or so they say. Daft Punk know what I'm talking about. But in all seriousness, this song sounds pretty damn good and is worth a few minutes of your Friday. You're probably slacking anyway as it's Friday so treat yourself to something that's not a picture of a fluffy cat or something.

[News] of Montreal Releasing New Album in the Fall

of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes took to the band's Tumblr and revealed some exciting news. Following up last year's Paralytic Stalks, the band will release a new album titled Lousy with Sylvianbriar this fall. Here's what Barnes had to say:

I’m so happy to say that we’ve just finished a new album! It is titled “lousy with sylvianbriar”. We recorded it in my home studio on a 24 track tape machine. It is pretty different from Paralytic Stalks. Definitely more G Parsons than K Penderecki this time around. I wrote most of the songs while on a self imposed isolation experiment in San Francisco earlier this year, and we recorded it, over a two week period, about a month after i got back to Athens. I was influenced by the poetry of Sylvia Plath (hence the reference in the title), plus artists like the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Flying Burrito Brothers…I can’t wait to share it with you! It won’t come out until the Fall though so I just have to be patient."

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[Watch] of Montreal - "Sails, Hermaphroditic" (NSFW)

of Montreal is getting into all kinds of weird territory—but then again, when are they not?—in their new video for "Sails, Hermaphroditic", which appears in their new rarities collection Daughter of Cloud. The clip, directed by Nina Barnes, the wife of frontman Kevin Barnes, pits two teams against each other in a brutal mix of baseball and football, a battle that gets "broken up by a gonzo performance by the legendary Newcastle hair-metal band Moat-er-Wilde". Oh yeah, and Barnes juxtaposes this with trippy, kaliedoscope footage of people having sex. Please to enjoy.

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[Listen] of Montreal - "Our Love is Senile"

Next month, of Montreal will be dropping their rarities compilation Daughter of Cloud, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks from the past five years. They've already let loose "Sails, Hermaphroditic", and now you can hear the second cut from the album "Our Love is Senile". Devoid of the band's usual brand of odd, the song is rather straightforward, delivering an overall cheery, garage-pop sound. Stream it below, along with "Sails, Hermaphroditic".

Daughter of Cloud is out on October 23rd via Polyvinyl, and after the jump you can check out the full 17-song tracklist for the compilation.

Daughter of Cloud Tracklist:
01. Our Love Is Senile
02. Obviousatonicnuncio
03. Sails, Hermaphroditic
04. Steppin’ Out
05. Hindlopp Stat
06. Partizan Terminus
07. Georgie’s Lament
08. Jan Doesn’t Like It
09. Feminine Effects
10. Tender Fax
11. Psychotic Feeling
12. Alter Eagle
13. Kristiansand
14. Micro University
15. Subtext Read, Nothing New
16. Noir Blues to Tinnitus
17. Expecting to Fly (Buffalo Springfield cover)

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[Watch] of Montreal - "Spiteful Intervention" (Video)

I'm afraid that if I ever were to take LSD that this video for of Montreal's "Spiteful Intervention" is where my brain is going to go first, which is both scary and awesome because this is my favorite track on Paralytic Stalks. The colorful semi-creeptastic video was directed by Jesse Ewles and features a blog of of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes as a blob that morphs into all sorts of shapes.

The band is currently out on tour in support of Paralytic Stalks in Europe. You can check out tour dates over on their website.

[Listen] of Montreal - "Feminine Effects"

Record Store Day is looming ever close, set to take place on April 21st around the world, artists from all genres are set to release one off releases and limited prints of tracks/LP's and the like. With that in mind, of Montreal today stream the track they're set to release on RSD. It will feature on a split 7" with Deerhoof who will release a track called "A Flilthy Fifth". For now though check out the oM track below. (Via CoS)

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[Listen] Montage Populaire - "Reject Reinstall"

Experimental pop five-piece Montage Populaire have unveiled their debut single, "Reject Reinstall", from their forthcoming debut EP release Not All Bombs Explode. The Southampton group is perfect for people who enjoy vocal stylings similar to A.C. Neman but love the fun experimentaion of a band like Of Montreal, giving you four minutes and change for the band to happily play with your eardrums. Their EP is slated for release on March 19th which will be followed by a handful of dates in the UK.

20/03/2012 – Electricity Showrooms London 

21/03/2012 – The Oporto, Leeds

22/03/2012 – Trof Fallowfield, Manchester

23/03/2012 – Bungalow & Bears, Sheffield

24/03/2012 – Oakford Social Club, Reading