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[Watch] Palma Violets - "Best of Friends" (Official Video)

Last August we got a video from Palma Violets for their track "Best of Friends", and since then they've picked up a lot of attention on both sides of the Atlantic. With that in mind they've offered up a brand new video for the incredibly catchy track, which shows them running around the city and performing a rather uncomfortable looking gig to a handful of people including some angry suit wearing gents. It ends in carnage. Check it out above.

The band’s debut album, 180, is out now.

[Watch] Palma Violets - "We Found Love" (Official Video)

When I was first introduced to Palma Violets, they'd been booked last minute to support Alabama Shakes at a Manchester show some point early on last year. They rolled up on stage in weirdly fitting suits much akin to Dwight in The Office, and just gave it everything. I was pretty impressed in all honesty. Fast forward to 2013 and they're making big waves, not just here in the UK, but Stateside too. This weekend they'll play Coachella and in anticipation for that they've let loose the party-centric video for their track "We Found Love" which features on their debut, 180. Get excited for the weekend ahead by hitting play above.

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[Watch] Palma Violets - "Best of Friends" Live on Jools Holland

We introduced you to Palma Violets back in August via their highly infectious single "Best of Friends" and they've gone from strength to strength. With that in mind, last night they were one of the guests on Later... with Jools Holland and performed that aforementioned catchy track and they put in a stellar performance. It was energetic and attention grabbing from start to finish.

The band also announced yesterday that their debut album is set for release on February the 25th next year and they're recording it with Pulp's Steve Mackey. Watch this space.

[Watch] Palma Violets - "Best of Friends" (Official Video)

I'd not heard of Palma Violets until earlier this year when I went to watch Alabama Shakes and these lads were supporting in Manchester. I was pretty impressed by their energy on stage but after the show I'd not really chased up on them, finding their Facebook etc. Probably one too many beers to fully remember to do so the next day but today it was a nice surprise to see their video for "Best of Friends" appear in my Twitter timeline. You may not of heard of them and they've only been together a matter of months but you wouldn't of guessed it from the sound they make. Treat yourself to some new music late on in the week and watch the video above which was filmed in their friends basement.

"Best of Friends" will be released on 7" via Rough Trade on the 21st of October. Alternatively you can grab it on iTunes now.

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