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[SKOA PREMIERE] Patient Hands - "The Poisoner"
Patient Hands - PR 3.jpg

Today I am very honored to share the happy news that Montreal based ambient solo project Patient Hands (born Alex Stooshinoff) will be releasing his debut full-length, Stoic, on February 15th, 2019. Along with the announcement comes the goosebumps-inducing single, “The Poisoner”, which is available for your streaming pleasure below.

The story behind Stoic is nothing short of moving. After battling a yearlong sickness and experiencing a brush with cancer, Stooshinoff felt compelled to pour himself into writing and recording the album with the ambition that he would make a record that he would be content with if he were never to record anything ever again. 

As you’ll hear in, “The Poisoner”, the result is nothing short of breathtaking. The snapshot of earnest emotion heard in Stoooshinof’s soothe strumming as his gently sings, “I am my own murderer / The ‘poisoner’/ It's that story I know / It's me / I'm holding onto shadows”, is sure to send shivers down your spine. Speaking on the album Stooshinoff says, “Stoic is a love record. It’s about enduring the dark night, and finding the courage to live with an open heart.”


  1. At Parting

  2. I Shaved My Father’s Face

  3. Anaesthetic

  4. Envelopment

  5. Say Stay 

  6. The Poisoner

  7. The Pale

  8. Something Vanishing

  9. Calm