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[Listen] Patrick Stump - "Allie"

Patrick Stump is readying the release of his solo album titled, Soul Punk, and the album title should give you a little hint as to the direction he's going for with it. His theatrical soul like voice pairs up with some big beats and minimalist verses to create a pretty well and neatly presented package. I'm pretty impressed and if he delivers on the live front for tracks like this then he could be onto something good, something very good in fact. It's not a million miles away from Fall Out Boy's Infinity on High in places. So, without further ado check out Patrick Stump's latest offering, "Allie" below.

Soul Punk is released on October 18th and available for pre-order over here.

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[Listen] Patrick Stump - "Everyday" (Buddy Holly Cover)

It seems like we've had an abundance of Buddy Holly covers in the past six month. Firstly we got covers from the likes of Julian Casablancas and Florence and the Machine who had contributed to the Rave On Buddy Holly. Now another compilation has come about, this time to celebrate what would have been Buddy's 75th Birthday and it goes by the name of Listen To Me: Buddy Holly. It will feature the likes of Zooey Deschanel, Cobra Starship, Brian Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr and the man who's track you can listen to below, Patrick Stump. Covering "Everyday", he adds some strings and female vocals to the mix differing from the original version that featured on Holly's self-titled 1958 debut. Listen to Patrick's cover in full below via Spin and look out for the compilation which drops on September 6th.

[Listen] Patrick Stump - "This City" Feat. Lupe Fiasco

We gotta another Rock (or in this case former Rock gone Pop) x Hip Hop crossover. Peep the Chicago homaging tune from the former Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump's long awaited solo album Soul Punk titled "This City" featuring fellow Chicago musician, rapper Lupe Fiasco. FOB fans may be a tad disappointed as Stump has strayed far away from his emo rock band roots into a pop singer/songwriter. Take a listen to the new tune below and also catch Stump's previous track "Explode" here.

[Listen] Patrick Stump - "Explode"

Former Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has delivered yet another dance worthy poptastic track. This new one, "Explode" details his sentiments on his upcoming solo album, Soul Punk. "If this is it, I wanna go out with a bang," he belts with conviction. Apparently this is an all or nothing kinda situation for Stump, so best of luck to him.

I gotta admit, with every track that drops I find this new solo approach growing on me. It's taken awhile, but I think he may have something there as long as he eases off the production a little bit. Then again, we ARE talking about the dude who fronted a band notorious for their pro-tools heavy punk-esque pop.

No word yet on when Soul Punk is due to drop, but you can bet we'll have the scoop once we have the details.

[Listen] Patrick Stump - "Saturday Night Again" (From Download To Donate Japan Benefit)


There is still so much to be done to help the people in Japan get back on their feet. Mike Shinoda's Music For Relief foundation has a program right now called Download to Donate and features a pretty extensive playlist of artists from all corners of the world of music. For a minimum donation of $10, you get access to an ever growing list of songs, including this Patrick Stump jam, "Saturday Night Again".

Still feeling a little confused about his new direction, but this song is pretty solid. Dude definitely needs to take a deep breath before putting out anymore songs. I almost feel like he's so excited to do something on his own that he's just trying a little too hard. Am I wrong?

Anyway, go get your donate on and getchu some new songs!

Patrick Stump - Saturday Night Again by musicforrelief

[Listen] MURS - "Bummed Out Blues" Feat. Patrick Stump

Living Legends emcee and one half of the group Felt (Along with Slug of Atmosphere), Murs released the long awaited sequel to his 2002 EP Varsity Blues at last weekend's Paid Dues Festival. The title track, "Varsity Blues" produced by Aesop Rock, was previously released the beginning of this year to hype up the album's release.

Unfortunately, the album has only released on CD at the Paid Dues venue and we have no word on when a digital release or non tour physical release will be set. But the good news, you can check out another track from the EP titled "Bummed Out Blues" featuring former Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump below.

Murs - "Bummed Out Blues" Feat. Patrick Stump by Some Kind of Awesome

[Watch] Patrick Stump - "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" (Video)

We've taken an interest in Patrick Stump's new musical ventures having given us a Michael Jackson kind of vibe with a few of his new solo tracks, "Cute Girls" for example. Today though, we get to see some visuals for his track, "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" which features a bunch of cool stuff. The video slowly builds as we see some teens, and young guns going about their usual business, riding bikes, skipping, skating before the video explodes into an extreme sports video in some ways! We have some freestyle BMXing, Parkour/Free Running action, extreme pogo-ing (is that a word?), sports stacking and even some pen-trix going on all culminating into a nice feel when paired with the track. Nostalgic indeed.

Check it out for yourself at the top in which you'll even see Patrick try his hand at a few of the sports and activities. His EP Truant Wave is available now, and you can head over here to grab a copy.

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