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[SONG OF THE DAY] Mason - "Disruptor"


It’s officially October because I’m so overwhelmed with everything that dropped today but in the spirit of making sure you can dance your way through the weekend I am leaving you with the latest from Dutch DJ Mason, “Disruptor”.
For over twenty years now Mason has had this “fuck you I’m doing it my way” approach to both music and the industry, which has in turn made him into one hell of a musician. His sound is so wonderfully eccentric and distinctive that you always know when a new track drops it’s going to be catchy quirky little banger and “Disruptor” is very much that.

The single comes with 2 remixes from the likes of Pimpo Gama and Malikk as well as a single edit in case you don’t have a minute and a half extra to be a proper house head.

Happy weekend!