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[Watch] Poliça - "Dark Star" Live on Jools Holand

Poliça's album Give Up the Ghost was floating around the internet long before it was released in February this year but it's still sounding great what seems like a year on from when I first heard parts of it. They seem to be picking up some (more) recognition in the UK at the moment and are frequenting the speakers of BBC Radio regularly. They also last night featured on this week's episode of Later... with Jools Holland and played their track "Dark Star". If you had an early night like me or maybe you just missed the show you can catch the performance at the top.

[Download] Marijuana Deathsquads - 'Tamper. Disable. Destroy' (Mixtape)

It's been nearly a year since the release of Marijuana Deathsquad's debut EP Crazy Master Now the crew consisting of GAYNGS mastermind Ryan Olson, Doomtree/Rhymesayers' emcee/producer P.O.S. along with his former Building Better Bombs bandmate now video director Isaac Gale, Freddy Votel of Cows and Ben Ivascu of Stnnng and Total Fucking Blood fame are back with their latest mixtape, Tamper. Disable. Destroy.

Tamper. Disable. Destroy kicks off right where Crazy Master left off giving you 10 dope new tracks of loud, bass dropping beats and guest features from the crew's extended fam like Astronautalis, Poliça's Channy Leaneagh, Doomtree's Mike Mictlan and more including some rhymes from P.O.S. himself. So if you love GAYNGS, Digitata, Doomtree, Mel Gibson and The Pants or Poliça, MDS' Tamper. Disable. Destroy and Crazy Master will fit right in with your musicial tendencies. 

Take a listen for yourself with the track "Top Down" featuring Astronautalis and Poliça's Channy Leaneagh and download the full mixtape below.

Download Tamper. Disable. Destroy (64.2MB)

[Watch] Poliça - "Dark Star" (Official Video)

The fusion of sounds that is the Minneapolis band Poliça return again with another video following up the video to "Wandering Star" with another brightly coloured number, "Dark Star". A pretty simplistic video that uses the light from the bulbs well to cast silhouettes of the band performing. There's something about this band that allows me to disconnect from the reality I'm in at that given moment. It may be short lived but hey, I'm away from it for a few minutes at the time and on a Wednesday it's just what the Doctor ordered. If you like that kind of feeling go grab their album, Give You The Ghost, over here.