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[SONG OF THE DAY] Smoota - "That Body Of Yours"

Okay we need to have a discussion about musicians being held accountable releasing crazy sexy jams during Scorpio season. It’s like with every passing day I’m trying to not be all hot and bothered in a coffee shop writing up most of the songs in the past week. Is there some coitus-coaxing conspiracy amongst musicians right now that I don’t know about? jfc.

Today I’m trying to not make eye contact with anyone because New York based sex panther Smoota’s latest single “That Body Of Yours” is making me want to sneak off to the bathroom with the next cappuccino-sipping cutie that walks through the door. The sensual single comes from his forthcoming sophomore album, Pheromones, which drops this Friday (November 2nd). “That Body Of Yours” follows previously released singles, “Ballbuster”, a love song using S&M imagery and the double entendre of the word ballbuster, and title track, “Pheromones”, a playful fantasy about using our biological pheromones to attract a partner inspired by a friend who sells human sex pheromones online.

If you weren’t already sold on Smoota’s sensual 70s groove aesthetic, the video for “That Body Of Yours” should throw you over the edge. Always the clever one, Smoota re-edited a very obscure Japanese film from the 50s into a new story with new subtitles about himself in post-war Tokyo and his relationship with one of the performers at a Casablanca-style exotic nightclub. As he noted about the video, “The imagery from the film is gorgeous and features an ultra-sensual dance routine to my trombone solo on the song. The new story is funny and over-the-top and even features my appearance in the old footage through some studio trickery.” Of course he played the trombone solo. Of fucking course. 💦

If Smoota’s face looks familiar, it’s because he’s a super in-demand musician in New York. You may have seen him on tour with TV On The Radio, who he performed with for several years. He’s also recorded and performed with a slew of other acts such as: Run The Jewels, Steven Tyler, Pretty Lights, Sufjan Stevens, Aaron Neville, and the late Sharon Jones. Currently, Smoota is in the house band on ABC’s The Gong Show, hosted by Mike Myers.

If you happen to be in NYC you can catch Smoota with me at Union Pool in Brooklyn along with William Butler, Superhuman Happiness, and Hearing Things. I normally end up making out with someone at Union Pool, so it only seems appropriate that my first time seeing Smoota will be there. If you’re not in NYC, don’t fret! You’ve still got a chance for Smoota to get you wet on his North American tour that kicks off on Friday. Full dates after over on his website.

[Listen] Hear Three More Tracks from the RE:GENERATION Documentary feat. Pretty Lights, The Crystal Method, Mark Ronson and their Collaborators

Keeping the train rolling along in terms of the RE:GENERATION documentary project, we now have the final three collaborations that will be featured in the film. We've already heard what Skrillex and The Doors had to offer, as well as DJ Premier's work with Nas and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra, and now, we get to hear Pretty Lights take on country music, The Crystal Method take on motown and Mark Ronson take on hip hop and soul.

The first collaboration comes from Pretty Lights, who worked alongside Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley to do a cover of country classic "Wayfaring Stranger." The second comes from The Crystal Method, who, with the help of Motown legend Martha Reeves and session band The Funk Brothers, gave the motown genre an electronic twist in the song "I'm Not Leaving." The third and final track comes courtesy of the legendary UK producer Mark Ronson, who collaborated with Erykah Badu, Yassin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), The Meters' Zigaboo Modeliste and the Dap-Kings to create "A La Modeliste," a unique take on the classic sounds of hip hop and soul.

You can listen to all three tracks below, and the RE:GENERATION documentary will debut on YouTube in early 2012 as part of Grammys Week.

Pretty Lights feat. Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley - "Wayfaring Stranger"

The Crystal Method feat. Martha Reeves and The Funk Brothers - "I'm Not Leaving"

Mark Ronson feat. Erykah Badu, Yassin Bey and The Dap Kings - "A La Modeliste"

[CMJ 2011] RE:GENERATION Documentary Previewed At The Hyundai Re:Mix Lab

The first of five of Hyundai's Re:Mix Labs showcases took place last night in New York City. Along with events in Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles, the company is spreading the love for gaming, music and technology.

Last night they previewed the trailer for Amir Bar-Lev's music documentary Re:Generation, which was followed by a Q&A featuring himself and the legendary DJ Premier. The documentary features five of the hottest DJ's in music, including DJ Premier, Skrillex, The Crystal Method, Mark Ronson and Pretty Lights, exploring and examining the history of five musical genres that are completely out of their realm. For example, Skrillex met up with The Doors' Ray Manzark and Robby Krieger along the Venice Beach boardwalk, and then later collaborated with John Densmore on "Breakn' A Sweat"—this is also the first original recording featuring members of The Doors since 1978.

The event, which included a DJ set by none other than DJ Premier, kicked off the first of many Re:Mix Labs events that will occur over the next couple of months. Re:Generation is set for release in February 2012, and the five tracks recorded for the documentary will be given away for free via a DJ Mixer App, which launches in November.

Stay tuned for more coverage of events from the Re:Mix Labs and Hyundai.