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[Watch] Reptile Youth - "Dead End" (Official Video) (NSFW)

This video had so many moments that made me so uncomfortable but I forced myself to watch it anyways. I normally like to pride myself for handling pretty much anything that the internet can throw my way, but I guess it was just the combination of a lot of different things together. Either way, Danish electro-punk duo Reptile Youth have managed to grab ahold of my eardrums and won't let go with "Dead End" in the same way I temporarily obsessed over "Speeddance". I had forgotten that they were going to be around for CMJ. Seems I may have to come out of my warm blogger cave and hit up one of their many shows over the next few days.

Their self-titled debut album is now available and comes highly recommended.

Reptile Youth at CMJ'12
Wednesday 10/17 - New York, NY - The Alphabet Lounge @ 10pm
Saturday 10/20 - New York, NY - Spike Hill (A Heart Is A Spade) @ 215pm
Saturday 10/20 - New York, NY - Webster Hall @ 915pm
Saturday 10/20 New York, NY - DROM (Nicky Digital Showcase) @ 1am

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[Listen] Reptile Youth - "Speeddance"

It's almost time to punch out from work! Time to put on your best pair of skinny jeans and slip into this tantalizing track from Dennmark duo Reptile Youth. "Speeddance" was just released this past week and is sure to have your hips swaying to their dancy-punk bass lines in a mere matter of seconds. You can grab "Speeddance" either on 7" or digitally courtesy of hfn music. Along with the original track, the release features a remake of the song by Norweigan band Deathcrush and a remix by Canadian two-piece My Favorite Robot. The band is expected to release their debut full length later this year, which was produced by David M. Allen (The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy) and Marc Ralph (Hot Chip).