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[#SKOA30] Day 14: A Song That Others Would Probably Choose To Describe You 

I kind of struggled a bit with this one only because I, of course, got really in my head about making sure it was SUPER PERFECT to the prompt. These were my thoughts as I went about selecting a song for this:

“Do enough of my friends even know this song? I’m pretty sure the right ones do. Wait, what does that even mean? lol”
"Well wait what about this one? No that one lyric would throw off the whole narrative I’m sure. Do other people think this hard when they send songs to other people?”
”Okay wow yeah I don’t think any of my friends look at me that way. Also why do *I* look at me that way? Gonna have to come back to that later, sheesh!"
”Wait does everyone just default at literally any Beck song being their go-to for me? What if they all just would pick ‘Loser’!?!?!'“

Yeah DEF did the Kibbe thing and made myself a little crazy for a sec, but I eventually landed on “Fembot” from Robyn’s 2010 album Bodytalk. Given my love for robots to the point that I’m borderline annoying about it and my tendency to talk about all of my feels a lot, it feels like a solid choice. Also the song is flirty in a nerdy sort of way. Lots of tech references that could (and probably do) have sexual connotations to them. I have about a billion runner ups to this, but for now I’m sticking with this one.

[SKOA Presents] Have We Told You Lately That We Love You? More Valentines From Your SKOA Lovers

You didn't think we forgot about you guys, did you!?!?! WE LOVE YOU! Since it's Valentine's Day, we made sure to turn on the extra cheese for you because we don't care how lame we sound, WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Your support, comments, likes, follows, and feedback makes our hearts skip a beat every day. Just like last year, we took some of your suggestions for these, so be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments!

XOXO + <3

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Valentines after the jump!











































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[Listen] Fleet Foxes - "Dancing On My Own" (Robyn Cover)

Well isn't this a delight for the ears. It's always nice to see bands/artists you like giving the old doff of the cap to a fellow performer in the form of a great sounding cover (there are the occasional howlers too but we'll turn a blind eye to those). Recently band Fleet Foxes covered Robyn's "Dancing On My own" and the results are pretty damn impressive. See what you make of their take on the song below. (Via Fleet Foxes Sing)

UPDATE: Yes, we realized we goofed. This song was recorded by a band that covers songs in a Fleet Foxes style. It's not the actual band. Whoops...

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[Watch] Robyn Performs on Saturday Night Live

Last night, Swedish pop queen Robyn hit the set of Saturday Night Live to perform two songs from last year's Body Talk. During the show, she performed renditions of both "Call Your Girlfriend" and "Dancing on my Own." After the jump, you can watch all of Robyn's pop and spandex splendour.

Compartively, Robyn performed these exact two songs last April on Jimmy Kimmel, so head over here to see how her late night performances match up.

"Call Your Girlfriend":

"Dancing On My Own":

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[News] 54th Annual Grammy Nomminations Announced

It's that time of year again where we all bicker and complain about how the Grammys are no longer relevant and that the music industry continues to be nothing but a big fat failure. That's right, kiddies: the 54th Annual Grammy nominations are in and the band bashing is already in full swing.

Leading the nominations this time around are Adele (shocker), Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The Electronica and Dance categories were relatively well represented with nods for Cut/Copy, David Guetta, Robyn, Duck Sauce, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Swedish House Mafia.

Skrillex and Bon Iver were included in the noms for Best New Artist along with The Band Perry, J. Cole and Nicki Minaj, which seemed to rattle the internet quite a bit. It's a little random that Bon Iver is in this category considering they released their first album in 2008, but we will be happy for them all the same. Skrillex seems to come out of left field in this category, but I guess if Ryan Seacrest is excited for Skrillex then we really shouldn't be all that shocked. Kudos to him for getting electronica/dance music into more categories other than their own, though. Bon Iver also received a nomination for Record of the Year with "Helocene" alongside Mumford & Sons, Katy Perry, Adele, and Bruno Mars.

Butch Vig, Danger Mouse, The Lonely Island, The Black Keys, Foster The People, Radiohead, The Decemberists, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon, Wilco and many more were among the nominees tonight. Make sure you have a onceover on this years list of nominees and get ready to fire your tweets off with us on February 12, 2012 during the awards ceremony.

[Watch] Robyn - "Call Your Girlfriend" Live on Leno

We've seen Robyn perform live a fair bit in the past but it's been a while to say the least since we last saw the little pixie causing a stir on the Televisions of the masses. Last night she returned to form with a visit to Jay Leno's Late Show and a performance of her track, "Call Your Girlfriend". Check it out at the top courtesy of our good friends at The Audio Perv

[Listen] Noah And The Whale – "Call Your Girlfriend" (Robyn Cover)

Earlier in the week Noah And The Whale were the band who stepped into BBC's Live Lounge and put in a few performances on Fearne Cotton's show. They chose to cover the Swedish songstress Robyn and her recent single "Call Your Girlfriend". They mix it up  little and slow it down as well as changing the lyrics to "call your boyfriend". Check it out below via CoverMeSongs and let us know which you prefer. I think I'm swinging towards the original in all honesty but hey, you guys may think otherwise.

Noah and the Whale - Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn cover) (live on BBC Live Lounge) by the3penguins

[Listen] Robyn - "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" (Coldplay Cover) (Radio One Live Lounge)

Once again the Radio One Live Lounge offers up a truly amazing gift to the world. Today's guest was swedish mover and shaker, Robyn. We've seen some crazy song choices in the past, just last week we heard Friendly Fires take on Lady Gaga. This week was a little more subtle but just as great. She chose to do a cover of Coldplay's new track "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall". You can hear the results below and they're pretty damn good for a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

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