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[SONG OF THE DAY] San Scout - "Sideways"

SKOA favorites San Scout have returned with another dose of downtempo alt-pop, “Sideways” straight from The Pharmacy, which is the band’s forthcoming project that will be dropping shortly for those of you just tuning in. Further carving out the vibe for this batch of songs, the broody bop is, as the band explains, “some sort of dark pop ode to the futility of modern relationships.” As usual you can expect their blend of vocal harmonies, warm synths, and ripping guitars to give you goosebumps in the best possible of ways.

While we wait on the proper release of The Pharmacy, fans can head to the band’s website and explore the virtual abandoned pharmacy that they created in an aptly dreary dystopian world. If you look closely enough while wandering around you can find links to the bands socials, games, and more.

Other cool things going on with the lovely London lads: apparently back in October the duo caught the attention of Emma Breschi who asked them to write the music for her Vivienne Westwood ‘Creatives’ campaign.

If you happen to be in London next week, be sure to check them out at The Lexington on September 19th.

[SONG OF THE DAY] San Scout - "Science"
Pharmacy PRESS 16-9 (1).jpg

Lovely London lads San Scout are back with a brand new single, “Science”.

Yes, every time I’ve played this track I’ve thought of this:

yeah science.gif

Following up their previous track, “Soap”, which contrary to the belief of certain outlets isn’t entirely about personal hygiene, this new song is about the frustration that comes with reclaiming your sanity. Speaking on the track, the duo explained, “We wanted to make something that was aggressive - again, to juxtapose that sedentary lifestyle.”

I wish I could sound this lovely when I get aggro. Maybe I need to head to The Pharmacy and see if there are any clues on perfecting this for myself. Have you peeped that little immersive world of theirs yet? It’s def worth a look around, if only to find their phone number so you can text them really nice things.

Speaking on texting these dudes, working on an interview in the coming week so keep an eye out for that.

Okay one more time for good measure:

yeah science.gif

You love me. Admit it.

[SONG OF THE DAY] San Scout - "Soap"
Pharmacy PRESS 16-9.jpg

After laying low for far too long (imo), San Scout have resurfaced and there is a fair amount to make you aware of so strap in.

Earlier this week, the London duo launched an update to their website in the form of their immersive VR world that they’re referring to as “The Pharmacy”. This wild expanse of pixels is soon to be home to all of their forthcoming releases in addition to showcasing other artist friends of theirs in additional rooms. If you venture about the world in its present state you can click around to find all sorts of San Scout goodies, including links out to their social media accounts and unreleased demos. Spoiler alert: if you click on the pill bottles it will take you to their Spotify artist page. This is because the guys have actually based the concept of The Pharmacy on the topical concept of music as a prescription drug.

I mean, they’re not wrong.

In addition to The Pharmacy, today they released their latest single, “Soap”, which features their signature glitchy melancholic melodies and brooding airy vocals. As I excitedly expressed to the band via DM, these guys always know how to throw a vibe. The way that Freddy’s vocals overlay each track these guys make does often come off like drugs to me if I’m being honest, so I suppose the whole Pharmacy thing is a match made in musical heaven.

More updates from these sweet sweeties soon! In the meantime, if you happen to have free time on your hands, I know on good authority that the band has casually dropped their phone number inside the Pharmacy if you want to dial up these dudes and tell them that I sent you their way. 😘


[SONG OF THE DAY] San Scout - "You Instead"

When last we met our friends in San Scout I was attempting to troll them on their flip phone as part of their promotion for "In/Balance". 

Today I have good news and bad news, friends of the internet. 

The bad news is the London duo has since misplaced their flip phone. :( 

The good news is we have a new song and more music on the way! The guys have been tucked away in an old factory carefully crafting new jams for us, which I imagine will be rolling out over the next few months. 

"You Instead" is a wistful slow jam featuring their signature breathtakingly brooding vocals that I'm now struggling to determine who among the two that comes out of now that I'm looking at this press photo again. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys soon. 

[Listen] San Scout - "In/Balance"





So I don't know how you Spotify, but since I accepted that Rdio (RIP) wasn't going to reign supreme I figured I would try to see if there were more interesting ways to use Spotify than what they primarily suggest you do. 

You may occasionally peruse your Discover Weekly playlist, but one of the many things I do to take advantage of The Algorithm™ is follow some of my friends' playlists whose taste I trust to see what gets sent their way.  

Enter: London duo San Scout, who I stumbled across a couple of days ago amidst my scavenging. I'm bummed I missed out on supporting the launch of their latest track, "In/Balance", which I have since tested on my commute to and from work as well in the shower which I danced happily to. This dropped back in November complete with a fun little activation over on their website that they made themselves (#respect). If you feel like killing some time, upon heading to the site you can create your own "bootleg" of the song simply by typing whatever you feel like into the text box. It's fairly limited in terms of what you can do, but still a fun minute or two. 

Right so back to the track lol. This song is absolutely my new obsession. I love how their lush vocals glide along the playfully punchy synths. We know how I feel about harmonies so this was a no brainer. Also they manage to make a dog bark sample seem like it's completely normal to be there. Love love love that. 

The band also released an EP last year with some tasty tracks on it called EP1Definitely worth a listen as well. 

Ooo from the looks of things recently they've trying to get people to text them: 

UK fam - who wants to text them nice things and tell me how it goes? Wait, does T-Mobile charge for international texts? I'll check later and if not maybe I'll see if they'll do an impromptu interview haha. 

Once you fall in love with "In/Balance" be sure to befriend these fine fellows: 

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