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[Watch] Skream - "Rollercoaster" Feat. Sam Frank (Official Video)

Skream is a talented fellow that likes to mix things up a bit every now and again. He's offered us up a variety of tracks over the years. His latest is a disco-centric track, "Rollercoaster", is the perfect feel-good tune to lighten up the tension before you let your hair down this evening. It features some ear stroking vocals from Sam Frank and it's like sipping down a refreshing gin and tonic after a long hard day. The video is entertaining too, showing us the tale of a young gent frantically trying to plan a party as the world is set to be hit by a huge asteroid. You've seen the movies, unless they've got Bruce Willis on speed dial, earth is pretty much screwed. Make sure to stick around until the end for the disco-ball bonanza.

[Listen] Rudimental - "Hell Could Freeze" Feat. Angel Haze (Skream Remix)

The talented Oliver Jones, better known as Skream, has reworked the great sounding track from Rudimental which we heard back in November last year, "Hell Could Freeze". Taking the original Angel Haze featuring track, Oli transforms the already laidback original into a track that will go well in the coming months once the evenings get a bit warmer and we enjoy our time outside with friends and beers. Just as the sun begins to set, you now the vibe. Angel's verses remain intact too and fit in nicely around the rework. Premiered on Annie Mac's show, you can stream it below via Hypetrak.

Rudimental's debut album Home is set for release later this month on the 29th of April.

[Listen] Skream - "Copy Cat" Feat. Kelis

It's weird, whenever I Think of Skream, I think of Benga and yesterday I posted a new Benga track and today in the inbox arrives a new Skream track... Ok it's not that weird really, they're both just busy, hard working guys but still it's always nice to have some new music from Oliver. He's offered up a track titled "Copy Cat" which features an appearance from Kelis and was actually premiered a few weeks ago on his and Benga's radio one show. Check it out below.

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[Watch] Miles Kane - "First of My Kind" (Official Video)

A welcome return has come from Miles Kane today in the shape of a brand new track. It's titled "First of My Kind" and is set to feature on his brand new EP which is set to drop on Record Store Day, April 21st. The track was produced by Skream, which took my by surprise, he actually produced the entire EP. You can't tell too much that Skream is behind the desk and Miles has very much kept his guitar swagger about him. 

Miles has just announced that he is indeed working with Paul Weller too on some material for his new alum. Should be interesting. 

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[Download] Skream's Warehouse Project 130BPM Set / Skream & Benga's 'Scion A/V' EP


With the Warehouse Project in Manchester celebrating one final time this year at the Store Street venue. Thankfully owner Sacha recently confirmed it will indeed be staying in its city of conception! Rejoice. To the matter at hand though, this years lineup has seen some incredible talent grace the sweaty walls and stage but this weekend just gone, Skream put in a set that you'd not be used to seeing him do. He played an entirely 130BPM set stepping away from the dubstep and laying down something completely different. Being the generous fella he is, you can listen to the entire set below. The tracklisting can be seen after the jump.

Whilst here though, why not grab the new EP from Skream and Benga Scion A/V and have an afternoon full of dancing the day in the office away. It's up at the top whilst the track We wouldn't blame you. Grab two free gifts from two world class DJ's below. It's only the 14 day of December, I thought all the gifts came on the 25th?! Have I been doing it wrong for 22years...

FREE DOWNLOAD: Warehouse Project 130 bpm set by SKREAMIZM

130BPM track-listing:

Boddika & Joy O - Mercy 
Samuel L Session - Can You Relate 
Drums of Death - Bang The Drum 
Robert Hood - Apartment Zero 
Ramires - Praxis 
Nacim Ladj - Carlito's Way 
Paperclip People - Throw 
Para One - Mother (Mr Oizo Remix) 
Boddika & Joy O - Swims 
Fix - Flash (Edit) 
Brodinski, Djedjotronic,Noob & Harvard Bass -Extreme Compote 
Hackman - Close 
Steve Poindextex - Work That Motherfucker 
Grain - Untitled 4 
Boddika - Soul What (Beats Mix) 
Drums Of Death - Tear The Box Apart 
Hackman - Sunburst 
Skream - Thought's of You

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[Listen] Theophilus London - "I Stand Alone" (Skream Remix)

Skream is constantly keeping himself busy, whether it's with his new show on Radio One with good friend Benga, or constantly offering up new tracks and remixes via his Soundcloud page. Keeping that in mind, during a recent show with Benga, Oli debuted a new remix he's done of Theophilus London's single "I Stand Alone". If you're a fan of Skream this will be a joy to listen to with him switching it up and adding some d'n'b swagger to the track, making more than a little different to the original version from TL. Boom.

I can't be the only one excited for the new Magnetic Man album in 2012, can I?! Yeah, thought so, hit pay below and let the dance juices flow. Hat tip to the guys at Hypetrak for the heads up on this. 

[Watch] Skream - "Anticipate" Feat. Sam Frank (Official Video)

We recently got to hear some pretty nice remixes to Skream's latest single "Anticipate" which is set to drop on November 14th. The ever generous Mr. Oliver this weekend also let loose the official visuals for his track and it features a space man with the best damn wedding dance moves you will probably ever see. If you pulled some of these out during your first dance you'd have a million hits over night. Just sayin'. 

Peep the video at the top and look out for it when it's released next week.