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[Download] RJD2 - "The Good Life" Feat. Blueprint

Happy New Music Tuesday everyone! Before I get hopelessly loss with the release of the new NBA 2K game for weeks on end, I found it only right to deliver you wonderful people some of freshest new beats and jams. I know I shouldn't have. Anyways, for those of you who aren't a super obsessive fan like myself, you may not have heard that super producer RJD2 has hooked up with Stoli's (yes the vodka) web network on a series which showcases the creative works and processes from different artists around the music, art and fashion world.

In that series, we take a look into our favorite producer's studio as he work's on the "Most ORGNL Track" which turns out to be the new jam titled "The Good Life" featuring long time collaborator and Soul Position partner in crime Blueprint aka Printmatic. Check out and download the new cut below, which feels like a classic RJ/Soul Position track with quality production for Mr. D2 and that classic Blueprint flow. This track is also a great indicator of what's to come on the next Soul Position album, that is currently in the works but you didn't hear that from me ;).